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8.0.1: IBM Integration Designer V8.0 Refresh Pack 1 for Windows



This document describes how to download and assemble IBM Integration Designer V8.0.1 for Windows platform.

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IBM Integration Designer V8.0 Refresh Pack1 contains updates for the following:
  • Adapter
  • Assembly
  • Business Process
  • Business Object
  • Integration Test Client
  • Mediation Flow
  • Process Center
  • Project Build
  • XML Mapping

Operating systems:
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, Enterprise Edition
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, Standard Edition
  • Windows Vista Business Edition (Deprecated)
  • Windows Vista Enterprise Edition (Deprecated)
  • Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (Deprecated)
  • Windows 7, Enterprise Edition
  • Windows 7, Professional Edition
  • Windows 7, Ultimate Edition

To access a wide variety of technical resources for this product, see the IBM Integration Designer information center.


Prior to applying this refresh pack, you must have IBM Integration Designer 8.0 or higher installed. Also, ensure that you have the IBM Installation Manager 1.6 or higher installed.

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Installation Instructions

It is recommended that you install the refresh pack directly from the IBM update server; however, it is also available for download. You might want to download and install the refresh pack in the following situations:

  • You have a slow or unstable Internet connection and want to use a download manager that can resume the download.

  • You have difficulty accessing the live IBM update servers from behind a firewall.

  • You prefer to download the refresh pack and install it later.

If you choose to download the fix, then perform the following steps:
  1. Download Refresh Pack 1 disk 1 (

  2. Extract the Refresh pack to a temporary directory, such as C:\temp\.

  3. For installation instructions, click on the link below.

For installation instructions of IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 Refresh Pack 1, please refer to this link.

For installation instructions for IBM Integration Designer V8.0 Refresh Pack 1, please refer to the link in the table below.

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Problems Solved

IBM Integration Designer V8.0 Refresh Pack 1 provides new fixes and cumulative fixes from previous IBM Integration Designer V8.0 release. For details, see the Fix list for IBM Integration Designer V8.0 Refresh Pack 1.

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Problems (APARS) fixed
JR44268;JR43514 ;JR43832;JR43730;JR41293 ;JR43784 ;JR44117 ;JR43092;JR43606 ;JR42000 ;JR43261;JR43763 ;JR42341 ;JR43921

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15 June 2018