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720 Technology Refresh plus Recommended Groups - level 1

Preventive Service Planning


SF99712: 720 Technology Refresh plus Recommended Groups


Preventive Service Planning -PSP

720 Technology Refresh plus Recommended Groups
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SF99712 :  720 Technology Refresh plus Recommended Groups
PTF Group Level:  1
Last Updated:  5/19/16
How to Display:  WRKPTFGRP SF99712
Description:  This PTF Group includes the recommended PTF groups that
are most frequently downloaded and widely used to stay current with
Technology Refresh deliveries.
Those PTF groups are:
- Technology Refresh
- DB2 for IBM i
- IBM HTTP Server for i
- Java

This PTF group should be ordered and installed when a new TR level is
released.  The PTF groups are included by listing them as related PTF
groups. Use option 9 (Display related PTF groups) on the Work with
PTF Groups (WRKPTFGRP) command to display the included PTF groups.
Each time you order PTF group SF99712 , only the PTFs you are missing
will be downloaded, along with the most recent level of each related
PTF group.
Note that this PTF Group does not contain all new functions announced
and delivered for a particular Technology Refresh -- just the most
common and frequently used PTF Groups.  See the Technology Updates
website ( for
complete information about new functions.
Planned Update Schedule:  Since the latest level of each PTF group is
downloaded each time you order SF99712 , this PTF group will rarely be
updated; only when a PTF group is added to the recommended list.
Related PTF Group(s):   SF99717
PTF ordering information:
NUMBER      ADDED                  PROGRAM  PACKAGE
SI54590      05/19/16    SE60105    5770SS1  4276

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19 May 2016