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610 WebSphere App Server V6.0 - level 4

Preventive Service Planning


SF99352: 610 WebSphere App Server V6.0


Preventive Service Planning -PSP

610 WebSphere App Server V6.0
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SF99352 :  610 WebSphere App Server V6.0
PTF Group Level:  4
Last Updated:  9/24/10
How to Display:  WRKPTFGRP SF99352
Description:  WebSphere Application Server Version 6.0 for V6R1 i5/OS

This group PTF contains the v6.0.2.43 fix pack for the WebSphere
Application Server for OS/400 Version 6.0 products.

*** Important: Additional steps are required to complete the fix pack
install after applying the group PTF ***
Follow the fix pack installation instructions on the following page:

The fix pack installation instructions are also found in the
updateinstaller directory after the PTFs are applied.

For WebSphere Application Server-Express V6 and WebSphere Application
Server V6 the location is:

For WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V6 the location

If you have multiple V6 products installed, you must follow the
readme instructions for each installation.

Instructions for uninstalling the fix pack are also contained in
these readme files.

For more information:

This Group PTF should be applied over cumulative PTF package C0047610
or higher.
Planned Update Schedule:  Biyearly
Related PTF Group(s):   SF99601
PTF ordering information:
NUMBER      ADDED                  PROGRAM  PACKAGE
SI41188      09/24/10    SE44945    5733W60  1000
SI41187      09/24/10    SE44943    5733W60  1000
SI40600      09/24/10    SE44301    5733W60  1000
MF46677      09/24/10    MA37755    5761999  1102
SI32343      06/05/09    SE34255    5761JV1  9279
SI32932      10/28/08    SE34907    5733W60  1000
SI32930      10/28/08    SE34905    5733W60  1000
SI32944      10/28/08    SE34918    5733W60  1000
SI33311      10/28/08    SE35269    5733W60  1000
SI32941      10/28/08    SE34914    5733W60  1000
SI20298      04/28/08    SE22314    5722BZ1  7355
SI12985      04/28/08    SE13676    5722BZ1  7355
SI18442      04/28/08    SE20491    5733W60  1000
SI30786      04/28/08    SE32262    5733W60  1000
SI28972      04/28/08    SE30212    5733W60  1000
SI20080      04/28/08    SE22065    5733W60  1000
MF44394      04/28/08    MA36458    5761999  8127

SF99352.xml - SF99352.xml

SF99352.pdf - SF99352.pdf

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