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2019 Q2 Navigator for i PTFs



2019 Q2 Navigator for i PTFs


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Enhancements and fix details for IBM Navigator for i PTFs. 

For the PTF information please see the PTFs page. 

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The following fixes and updates are included in the 2019 Q2 PTFs. This is also the first release for 7.4:


  1. New System Monitor variable, &MSGKEYCH (4-byte character format).  System Monitor Overview (& variable documentation).
    1. &MSGKEY 

Fixes for IBM Navigator for i

  1. When a Database library ends with #, IBM Navigator for I might result in error that # is a unaccepted character.

  2. Selecting Start or Stop for System monitor could result in the monitor server job

    QINAVMNSRV ending abnormally.

  3. Database Security Administrator within Application Administration (System -> Application Administration -> Host Applications Tab -> Expand IBM i -> Expand Database) was not visible.

  4. If user has set a target system on IBM Navigator for i, and the user's password registered for this target system was changed, the Navigator for i could fail to connect to the target system and show the panel target system list instead. The user profile might be disabled.

  5. The final pane of the Send PTF wizard from IBM Navigator for i might fail to load when the browser is set to French language.

  6. EIM verification might fail on IBM Navigator for i when the browser is in Swedish.

  7. A Runtime error could occur when clicking on "Users and Groups" -> Groups. This error was logged in Messages.log file: CPF3C3A Value for parameter 9 for API QGYOLAUS not valid.

  8. If RSTOBJ command is entered with the prompt, followed by clicking on OK, the message CPD37BF - Starting position requires sequence number is reported.

  9. Trying to open the AFP Manager > Page Segments features resulted in a Runtime Error, Unable to use feature.

Detail on PTF apply:

This PTF will enable IBM i Navigator for Java 8.  To ensure Java 8 will be used, make sure licensed program 5770JV1 Option 17 (Java SE 8 64-bit) is installed before applying this PTF.

1.  Enter the following command to stop the QHTTPSVR subsystem before  applying PTF:


Note: Make sure that QHTTPSVR subsystem ended, then you could go to next step.

2.  Apply or remove this PTF (immediate mode).
3.  Start the QHTTPSVR subsystem using:
4.  Start the ADMIN2 job using:
5.  It is highly recommended to clear the browser cache  after applying this PTF.

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23 January 2020