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1326 is returned when threaded steps fail to map drives to SaMBa shares



The error code 1326 is returned when threaded steps fail to map drives specified by the _MAP variable to remote SaMBa® shares while running IBM® Rational® Build Forge® Agents on Microsoft® Windows®.


A known SaMBa configuration problem can cause for all threaded instances of the Windows agent to fail to map drives specified by the _MAP variable to remote SaMBa shares.

An error similar to this will appear in the step log:

    122 02/18 11:05AM MAP  Attempting to map '\\fileserver\sharename' to drive 'G:'
    123 02/18 11:05AM MAP  Unable to map '\\fileserver\sharename' to drive G: (1326)(1326)


Error code 1326 indicates an authentication failure between the Windows agent client, and the Linux® or UNIX® SaMBa server. However, manual execution of the net use command may work fine in spite of this error.


An example of a share that can reproduce this looks like this:

Note: "Guest" is disabled:

comment = "really important build files"
path = /usr/local/buildstuff
guest account =
invalid users = guest
read only = no
wide links = yes
follow symlinks = yes

Diagnosing The Problem

Microsoft has extensively documented 1326 errors from SaMBa in 103390. Example 1 provides a description of the error reported in this technote.

Resolving The Problem

This issue can be resolved by ensuring that both the Windows client and SaMBa daemon are set to the same domain or workgroup name.

  • On Windows: (Windows XP example)

    Right-click My Computer > select Properties > select the Computer Name tab > click Change to confirm or modify the domain membership or workgroup name

  • In SaMBa (AIX® example):

    # testparm -s |grep workgroup

           workgroup = MYGROUP

    then vi /etc/smb.conf and update the above referenced line to match the Windows client host.

SaMBa configuration file on UNIX
  • AIX stores the file in /etc/smb.conf

  • Solaris® stores this file in /etc/sfw,

  • RedHat® uses /etc/samba

    You must consult your particular distribution for a more specific location of smb.conf.

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16 June 2018