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Title: Advanced Printer Function Guide
Document Number: SC09-1361-00
Build Date: 09/18/92 12:21:37 Build Version: 1.2
Document Path: /home/webapps/epubs/htdocs/book/

CONTENTS Table of Contents


COVER         Book Cover 

NOTICES       Notices 

EDITION       Edition Notice 

CONTENTS      Table of Contents 

FRONT_1       Notices 

PREFACE       About This Manual 
PREFACE.1     Who Should Use This Manual 

1.0           Chapter 1.  Introduction 
1.1           Functions of APF 
1.2           Using Dot Matrix Printers 
  1.2.1         Printing Symbols 
  1.2.2         Storing Symbols in Symbol Sets 
1.3           Using Advanced Printer Function 
  1.3.1         Using the Function Keys 
1.4           Requesting APF 
  1.4.1         Using the Start Advanced Printer Function Interactively 
  1.4.2         Using the Advanced Printer Function Display 

2.0           Chapter 2.  Designing Symbols 
2.1           Selecting a Symbol Set 
  2.1.1         Using the Work with Symbol Set Display 
  2.1.2         Using the Work with Symbol Sets Display 
2.2           Creating a Symbol Set 
  2.2.1         Using the Create Symbol Set Display 
  2.2.2         Using the Copy Symbol Set Display 
2.3           Storing and Using Symbol Sets 
  2.3.1         Specifying Symbol IDs 
  2.3.2         Specifying Symbol ID Code Lengths 
2.4           Selecting a Symbol 
  2.4.1         Using the Work with Symbols Display 
2.5           Creating a New Symbol 
  2.5.1         Using the Create a Symbol Display 
  2.5.2         Using the Copy Symbol Display 
2.6           Changing an Existing Symbol 
2.7           Designing a New Symbol 
2.8           Using the Design Symbol Display 
  2.8.1         Using the Function Keys 
  2.8.2         Using the Control Prompt 
  2.8.3         Extending Lines of Asterisks       Extending Lines Horizontally       Extending Lines Vertically 
  2.8.4         Expanding the Size of a Symbol 

3.0           Chapter 3.  Designing a Form 
3.1           Selecting a Form Description 
  3.1.1         Using the Work with Form Description Display 
  3.1.2         Using the Work with Form Descriptions Display 
3.2           Creating a New Form Description 
  3.2.1         Using the Create Form Description Display 
  3.2.2         Using the Copy Form Description Display 
3.3           Changing an Existing Form Description 
3.4           Designing a New Form Description 
3.5           Using the Design Form Description Display 
  3.5.1         Using the Function Keys 
  3.5.2         Specifying Constant Data on a Form       Positioning the Display 
  3.5.3         Specifying Features on a Form       Symbol Sets       Bar Codes       Characters Per Inch       Highlighting       Underlining       Bar Charts       Boxes 
  3.5.4         Deleting Features on a Form 

4.0           Chapter 4.  Printing Copies of a Form 
4.1           Selecting a Form Description to Print 
  4.1.1         Using the Print Blank Form Display 
  4.1.2         Using the Print Blank Forms Display 
4.2           Selecting Options for Printing the Form 
  4.2.1         Using the Print Options (Page 1 of 2) Display 
  4.2.2         Using the Print Options (Page 2 of 2) Display 

5.0           Chapter 5.  Merging Spooled Data into a Form 
5.1           Selecting a Form Description to Merge 
  5.1.1         Using the Merge Form Description Display 
  5.1.2         Using the Merge Form Descriptions Display 
5.2           Selecting Options for Merging 
  5.2.1         Using the Print Options (Page 1 of 2) Display 
  5.2.2         Using the Print Options (Page 2 of 2) Display 
5.3           Using the Merge Phase with a Batch Job 
5.4           Using the MRGFORMD (Merge Form Description) Command 

6.0           Chapter 6.  Performance Guidelines 

7.0           Chapter 7.  Problem Analysis Procedures 
7.1           Using the Problem Analysis Procedure 
  7.1.1         MAP 0100:  Problem Analysis Map 
7.2           Calling for Help 

A.0           Appendix A.  Examples of Symbol Sets and Features 
A.1           Examples of Symbol Sets 
  A.1.1         One-Position-Wide by One-Position-Tall Characters 
  A.1.2         One-Position-Wide by Two-Positions-Tall Characters 
  A.1.3         Two Positions-Wide by Two-Positions-Tall Characters 
A.2           Examples of Features 

B.0           Appendix B.  Using OCR-A Characters 
B.1           Printing and Reading OCR-A Characters with APF 
B.2           Examples of OCR-A Characters 

C.0           Appendix C.  Printer Output from APF 
C.1           Using Printer File QPAPFPRT 
C.2           Creating Output 
C.3           Displaying Spooled Files 
C.4           Sending APF Output to Other Devices 

D.0           Appendix D.  Save, Restore, and Recovery Considerations 
D.1           Save and Restore Considerations 
  D.1.1         Saving and Restoring Symbol Sets 
  D.1.2         Saving and Restoring Form Descriptions 
D.2           Recovery Considerations 
  D.2.1         Recovering Symbol Sets 
  D.2.2         Recovering Form Descriptions 
  D.2.3         Recovering from Merging and Printing Form Descriptions 

E.0           Appendix E.  Example: Using APF 
E.1           Designing a Name Tag 
  E.1.1         Typing the Constant Data 
  E.1.2         Specifying the Features 
    E.1.2.1       Specifying the Position of the Logo 
    E.1.2.2       Specifying the Position of a Symbol Set 
E.2           Testing the Form Description 
E.3           Creating the Spooled File 
E.4           Merging the Spooled Data with the Form Description 

F.0           Appendix F.  Example Scale and Layout Grids for Form Design 
F.1           Forms Design Cutout Scale 
F.2           4-by-4 Layout Grid 
F.3           9-by-9 Layout Grid 
F.4           15-by-15 Logo Layout Grid 

G.0           Appendix G.  Differences between APF on AS/400 System and System/36 
G.1           Functional Differences 
  G.1.1         Logos 
  G.1.2         Alternate Character Sets 
  G.1.3         Forms Control Files 
G.2           Command Differences 

BIBLIOGRAPHY  Bibliography 

INDEX         Index 

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