Resume System Exit Programs

  Required Parameter Group:

  Exit Point Name: QIBM_QWC_RESUME  

  Exit Point Format Name: RSMS0100

The Resume System exit program is called when the system becomes available again after the partition was migrated to another machine or the partition resumed from hibernation. See Format RSMS0100 Required Parameter Group for parameter information or RSMS0100 Format Usage Notes for more information.

Authorities and Locks

Format RSMS0100 Required Parameter Group

Exit information

The exit information used to communicate with the exit program.

Format of the exit information.

The format of the exit program information. The following formats may be passed to the exit program:


The type of exit program call being made. The exit program can be called during each of the following phases:

AMGF0100 Format

The following table describes the information that is located in the Exit information parameter for the AMGF0100 format. For detailed descriptions of the fields, see Field Descriptions.

Field Descriptions

Action The action that caused the system to be suspended and then resumed. The possible values are as follows:

Exit information length The length of the exit information. This is set to 12.

System state The state of the system when the system resumed. The possible values are as follows:

RSMS0100 Format Usage Notes

When a migration or hibernation completes, the operating system calls the user-written exit programs that were added through the registration facility. The exit programs can take any actions necessary now that the system is running on the new machine after migration or resumed running on the same machine after hibernation.

The user-written exit program is not submitted for the following:

If the system is in restricted state when the migration or hibernation occurs, the exit program will not be called until the QSYSWRK subsystem starts.

The Retrieve System Status (QWCRSSTS) API can be used to get information about the current state of the system.

This exit point supports more than one exit program. For information about adding an exit program to an exit point, see Registration Facility APIs.

The job(s) are submitted to run in the QSYSWRK subsystem (using the QSYSJOBD job description) under the QPGMR user profile. No other action is taken if the job does not run.

The Resume System exit point ignores any return codes or error messages that are sent from the exit program.

It is recommended that the Resume System exit programs exist in a library in the system ASP or in a basic user ASP. The program will not be found if it exists in a library in an independent ASP.

The Suspend System exit point can be used to add exit programs that will be called before the system is suspended for migration or hibernation.

Exit program introduced: V7R1