i5/OS PASE Locales

i5/OS PASE includes a subset of the locales provided by AIX, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. i5/OS PASE locales are installed as symbolic links in directory /usr/lib/nls/loc.

The full name of any i5/OS PASE locale includes a code set name, which equates to the Coded Character Set Identifier (CCSID) shown in the table. Some locales also have a short name that exclude the code set part of the name. Any locale with a name ending in "@euro" uses the Euro as the currency symbol. Any locale with a name ending in "@preeuro" uses the traditional currency symbol.

Most i5/OS PASE locales are shipped with i5/OS language feature codes. Only locales in the base *CODE load and locales for installed language feature codes will exist on a particular i5/OS system.

Feature Locale Names Language Region CCSID
Short Name Full Name
*CODE be_BY be_BY.ISO8859-5 Byelorussian Byelorussian SSR 915
BE_BY BE_BY.UTF-8 Byelorussian Byelorussian SSR 1208
Start of changeEt_EE Et_EE.IBM-922 Estonian Estonia 922End of change
ET_EE ET_EE.UTF-8 Estonian Estonia 1208
UK_UA UK_UA.UTF-8 Ukrainian Ukraine 1208
id_ID id_ID.8859-15 Indonesian Indonesia 923
ID_ID ID_ID.UTF-8 Indonesian Indonesia 1208
ms_MY ms_MY.8859-15 Malay Malaysia 923
MS_MY MS_MY.UTF-8 Malay Malaysia 1208
2903 Start of changeLt_LT Lt_LT.IBM-921 Lithuanian Lithuania 921End of change
LT_LT LT_LT.UTF-8 Lithuanian Lithuania 1208
2904 Start of changeLv_LV Lv_LV.IBM-921 Latvian Latvia 921End of change
LV_LV LV_LV.UTF-8 Latvian Latvia 1208
2905 VI_VN VI_VN.UTF-8 Vietnamese Vietnam 1208
2909 en_BE en_BE.8859-15 English Belgium 923

en_BE.8859-15@preeuro English Belgium 923
EN_BE EN_BE.UTF-8 English Belgium 1208

EN_BE.UTF-8@preeuro English Belgium 1208
2911 sl_SI sl_SI.ISO8859-2 Slovene Slovenia 912
SL_SI SL_SI.UTF-8 Slovene Slovenia 1208
2912 hr_HR hr_HR.ISO8859-2 Croatian Croatia 912
HR_HR HR_HR.UTF-8 Croatian Croatia 1208
2913 mk_MK mk_MK.ISO8859-5 Macedonian Macedonia 915
MK_MK MK_MK.UTF-8 Macedonian Macedonia 1208
2914 sh_SP sh_SP.ISO8859-2 Serbian Latin Yugoslavia 912
SH_SP SH_SP.UTF-8 Serbian Latin Yugoslavia 1208
sh_YU sh_YU.ISO8859-2 Serbian Latin Yugoslavia 912
SH_YU SH_YU.UTF-8 Serbian Latin Yugoslavia 1208
sr_SP sr_SP.ISO8859-5 Serbian Cyrillic Yugoslavia 915
SR_SP SR_SP.UTF-8 Serbian Cyrillic Yugoslavia 1208
sr_YU sr_YU.ISO8859-5 Serbian Cyrillic Yugoslavia 915
SR_YU SR_YU.UTF-8 Serbian Cyrillic Yugoslavia 1208
2922 pt_PT pt_PT.ISO8859-1 Portuguese Portugal 819

pt_PT.IBM-1252 Portuguese Portugal 1252

pt_PT.IBM-1252@preeuro Portuguese Portugal 1252

pt_PT.8859-15 Portuguese Portugal 923

pt_PT.8859-15@preeuro Portuguese Portugal 923
PT_PT PT_PT.UTF-8 Portuguese Portugal 1208

PT_PT.UTF-8@preeuro Portuguese Portugal 1208
2923 nl_NL nl_NL.ISO8859-1 Dutch Netherlands 819

nl_NL.IBM-1252 Dutch Netherlands 1252

nl_NL.IBM-1252@preeuro Dutch Netherlands 1252

nl_NL.8859-15 Dutch Netherlands 923

nl_NL.8859-15@preeuro Dutch Netherlands 923
NL_NL NL_NL.UTF-8 Dutch Netherlands 1208

NL_NL.UTF-8@preeuro Dutch Netherlands 1208
2924 en_AU en_AU.8859-15 English Australia 923
EN_AU EN_AU.UTF-8 English Australia 1208
en_CA en_CA.8859-15 English Canada 923
EN_CA EN_CA.UTF-8 English Canada 1208
en_GB en_GB.ISO8859-1 English Great Britain 819

en_GB.IBM-1252 English Great Britain 1252

en_GB.IBM-1252@euro English Great Britain 1252

en_GB.8859-15 English Great Britain 923

en_GB.8859-15@euro English Great Britain 923
EN_GB EN_GB.UTF-8 English Great Britain 1208
en_HK en_HK.8859-15 English Hong Kong 923
EN_HK EN_HK.UTF-8 English Hong Kong 1208
en_IE en_IE.8859-15 English Ireland 923

en_IE.8859-15@preeuro English Ireland 923
EN_IE EN_IE.UTF-8 English Ireland 1208

EN_IE.UTF-8@preeuro English Ireland 1208
en_IN en_IN.8859-15 English India 923
EN_IN EN_IN.UTF-8 English India 1208
en_NZ en_NZ.8859-15 English New Zealand 923
EN_NZ EN_NZ.UTF-8 English New Zealand 1208
en_PH en_PH.8859-15 English Philippines 923
EN_PH EN_PH.UTF-8 English Philippines 1208
en_SG en_SG.8859-15 English Singapore 923
EN_SG EN_SG.UTF-8 English Singapore 1208
en_US en_US.ISO8859-1 English United States 819

en_US.8859-15 English United States 923
EN_US EN_US.UTF-8 English United States 1208
en_ZA en_ZA.8859-15 English South Africa 923
EN_ZA EN_ZA.UTF-8 English South Africa 1208
Start of changeGU_IN GU_IN.UTF-8 Gujarati India 1208End of change
HI_IN HI_IN.UTF-8 Hindi India 1208
Start of changeMR_IN MR_IN.UTF-8 Marathi India 1208End of change
Start of changeTA_IN TA_IN.UTF-8 Tamil India 1208End of change
Start of changeTE_IN TE_IN.UTF-8 Telugu India 1208End of change
2925 fi_FI fi_FI.ISO8859-1 Finnish Finland 819

fi_FI.IBM-1252 Finnish Finland 1252

fi_FI.IBM-1252@preeuro Finnish Finland 1252

fi_FI.8859-15 Finnish Finland 923

fi_FI.8859-15@preeuro Finnish Finland 923
FI_FI FI_FI.UTF-8 Finnish Finland 1208

FI_FI.UTF-8@preeuro Finnish Finland 1208
2926 da_DK da_DK.ISO8859-1 Danish Denmark 819

da_DK.8859-15 Danish Denmark 923
DA_DK DA_DK.UTF-8 Danish Denmark 1208
2928 fr_FR fr_FR.ISO8859-1 French France 819

fr_FR.IBM-1252 French France 1252

fr_FR.IBM-1252@preeuro French France 1252

fr_FR.8859-15 French France 923

fr_FR.8859-15@preeuro French France 923
FR_FR FR_FR.UTF-8 French France 1208

FR_FR.UTF-8@preeuro French France 1208
2929 de_AT de_AT.8859-15 German Austria 923

de_AT.8859-15@preeuro German Austria 923
DE_AT DE_AT.UTF-8 German Austria 1208

DE_AT.UTF-8@preeuro German Austria 1208
de_DE de_DE.ISO8859-1 German Germany 819

de_DE.IBM-1252 German Germany 1252

de_DE.IBM-1252@preeuro German Germany 1252

de_DE.8859-15 German Germany 923

de_DE.8859-15@preeuro German Germany 923
DE_DE DE_DE.UTF-8 German Germany 1208

DE_DE.UTF-8@preeuro German Germany 1208
2931 (part 1) ca_ES ca_ES.ISO8859-1 Catalan Spain 819

ca_ES.IBM-1252 Catalan Spain 1252

ca_ES.IBM-1252@preeuro Catalan Spain 1252

ca_ES.8859-15 Catalan Spain 923

ca_ES.8859-15@preeuro Catalan Spain 923
CA_ES CA_ES.UTF-8 Catalan Spain 1208

CA_ES.UTF-8@preeuro Catalan Spain 1208
es_AR es_AR.8859-15 Spanish Argentina 923
ES_AR ES_AR.UTF-8 Spanish Argentina 1208
es_BO es_BO.8859-15 Spanish Bolivia 923
ES_BO ES_BO.UTF-8 Spanish Bolivia 1208
es_CL es_CL.8859-15 Spanish Chile 923
ES_CL ES_CL.UTF-8 Spanish Chile 1208
es_CO es_CO.8859-15 Spanish Columbia 923
ES_CO ES_CO.UTF-8 Spanish Columbia 1208
es_CR es_CR.8859-15 Spanish Costa Rica 923
ES_CR ES_CR.UTF-8 Spanish Costa Rica 1208
es_DO es_DO.8859-15 Spanish Dominican Republic 923
ES_DO ES_DO.UTF-8 Spanish Dominican Republic 1208
es_EC es_EC.8859-15 Spanish Ecuador 923
ES_EC ES_EC.UTF-8 Spanish Ecuador 1208
es_ES es_ES.ISO8859-1 Spanish Spain 819

es_ES.IBM-1252 Spanish Spain 1252

es_ES.IBM-1252@preeuro Spanish Spain 1252

es_ES.8859-15 Spanish Spain 923

es_ES.8859-15@preeuro Spanish Spain 923
2931 (part 2) ES_ES ES_ES.UTF-8 Spanish Spain 1208

ES_ES.UTF-8@preeuro Spanish Spain 1208
es_GT es_GT.8859-15 Spanish Guatemala 923
ES_GT ES_GT.UTF-8 Spanish Guatemala 1208
es_HN es_HN.8859-15 Spanish Honduras 923
ES_HN ES_HN.UTF-8 Spanish Honduras 1208
es_MX es_MX.8859-15 Spanish Mexico 923
ES_MX ES_MX.UTF-8 Spanish Mexico 1208
es_NI es_NI.8859-15 Spanish Nicaragua 923
ES_NI ES_NI.UTF-8 Spanish Nicaragua 1208
es_PA es_PA.8859-15 Spanish Panama 923
ES_PA ES_PA.UTF-8 Spanish Panama 1208
es_PE es_PE.8859-15 Spanish Peru 923
ES_PE ES_PE.UTF-8 Spanish Peru 1208
es_PR es_PR.8859-15 Spanish Puerto Rico 923
ES_PR ES_PR.UTF-8 Spanish Puerto Rico 1208
es_PY es_PY.8859-15 Spanish Paraguay 923
ES_PY ES_PY.UTF-8 Spanish Paraguay 1208
es_SV es_SV.8859-15 Spanish El Salvador 923
ES_SV ES_SV.UTF-8 Spanish El Salvador 1208
es_US es_US.8859-15 Spanish United States 923
ES_US ES_US.UTF-8 Spanish United States 1208
es_UY es_UY.8859-15 Spanish Uruguay 923
ES_UY ES_UY.UTF-8 Spanish Uruguay 1208
es_VE es_VE.8859-15 Spanish Venezuela 923
ES_VE ES_VE.UTF-8 Spanish Venezuela 1208
2932 it_IT it_IT.ISO8859-1 Italian Italy 819

it_IT.IBM-1252 Italian Italy 1252

it_IT.IBM-1252@preeuro Italian Italy 1252

it_IT.8859-15 Italian Italy 923

it_IT.8859-15@preeuro Italian Italy 923
IT_IT IT_IT.UTF-8 Italian Italy 1208

IT_IT.UTF-8@preeuro Italian Italy 1208
2933 no_NO no_NO.ISO8859-1 Norwegian Norway 819

no_NO.8859-15 Norwegian Norway 923
NO_NO NO_NO.UTF-8 Norwegian Norway 1208
2937 sv_SE sv_SE.ISO8859-1 Swedish Sweden 819

sv_SE.8859-15 Swedish Sweden 923
SV_SE SV_SE.UTF-8 Swedish Sweden 1208
2939 de_CH de_CH.ISO8859-1 German Switzerland 819

de_CH.8859-15 German Switzerland 923
DE_CH DE_CH.UTF-8 German Switzerland 1208
de_LU de_LU.8859-15 German Luxembourg 923

de_LU.8859-15@preeuro German Luxembourg 923
DE_LU DE_LU.UTF-8 German Luxembourg 1208

DE_LU.UTF-8@preeuro German Luxembourg 1208
2940 fr_CH fr_CH.ISO8859-1 French Switzerland 819

fr_CH.8859-15 French Switzerland 923
FR_CH FR_CH.UTF-8 French Switzerland 1208
2942 it_CH it_CH.8859-15 Italian Switzerland 923
IT_CH IT_CH.UTF-8 Italian Switzerland 1208
2954 ar_AA ar_AA.ISO8859-6 Arabic Arabic Countries 1089
Start of changeAr_AA Ar_AA.IBM-1046 Arabic Arabic Countries 1046End of change
AR_AA AR_AA.UTF-8 Arabic Arabic Countries 1208
ar_AE ar_AE.ISO8859-6 Arabic United Arab Emirates 1089
AR_AE AR_AE.UTF-8 Arabic United Arab Emirates 1208
ar_BH ar_BH.ISO8859-6 Arabic Bahrain 1089
AR_BH AR_BH.UTF-8 Arabic Bahrain 1208
ar_DZ ar_DZ.ISO8859-6 Arabic Algeria 1089
AR_DZ AR_DZ.UTF-8 Arabic Algeria 1208
ar_EG ar_EG.ISO8859-6 Arabic Egypt 1089
AR_EG AR_EG.UTF-8 Arabic Egypt 1208
ar_JO ar_JO.ISO8859-6 Arabic Jordan 1089
AR_JO AR_JO.UTF-8 Arabic Jordan 1208
ar_KW ar_KW.ISO8859-6 Arabic Kuwait 1089
AR_KW AR_KW.UTF-8 Arabic Kuwait 1208
ar_LB ar_LB.ISO8859-6 Arabic Lebanon 1089
AR_LB AR_LB.UTF-8 Arabic Lebanon 1208
ar_MA ar_MA.ISO8859-6 Arabic Morocco 1089
AR_MA AR_MA.UTF-8 Arabic Morocco 1208
ar_OM ar_OM.ISO8859-6 Arabic Oman 1089
AR_OM AR_OM.UTF-8 Arabic Oman 1208
ar_QA ar_QA.ISO8859-6 Arabic Qatar 1089
AR_QA AR_QA.UTF-8 Arabic Qatar 1208
ar_SA ar_SA.ISO8859-6 Arabic Saudi Arabia 1089
AR_SA AR_SA.UTF-8 Arabic Saudi Arabia 1208
ar_SY ar_SY.ISO8859-6 Arabic Syrian Arab Republic 1089
AR_SY AR_SY.UTF-8 Arabic Syrian Arab Republic 1208
ar_TN ar_TN.ISO8859-6 Arabic Tunisia 1089
AR_TN AR_TN.UTF-8 Arabic Tunisia 1208
ar_YE ar_YE.ISO8859-6 Arabic Yemen 1089
AR_YE AR_YE.UTF-8 Arabic Yemen 1208
2956 tr_TR tr_TR.ISO8859-9 Turkish Turkey 920
TR_TR TR_TR.UTF-8 Turkish Turkey 1208
2957 el_GR el_GR.ISO8859-7 Greek Greece 813
EL_GR EL_GR.UTF-8 Greek Greece 1208
2958 is_IS is_IS.ISO8859-1 Icelandic Iceland 819

is_IS.8859-15 Icelandic Iceland 923
IS_IS IS_IS.UTF-8 Icelandic Iceland 1208
2961 iw_IL iw_IL.ISO8859-8 Hebrew Israel 916
HE_IL HE_IL.UTF-8 Hebrew Israel 1208
2962 ja_JP ja_JP.IBM-eucJP Japanese Japan 33722
Ja_JP ja_JP.IBM-943 Japanese Japan 943
JA_JP JA_JP.UTF-8 Japanese Japan 1208
2963 nl_BE nl_BE.ISO8859-1 Dutch Belgium 819

nl_BE.IBM-1252 Dutch Belgium 1252

nl_BE.IBM-1252@preeuro Dutch Belgium 1252

nl_BE.8859-15 Dutch Belgium 923

nl_BE.8859-15@preeuro Dutch Belgium 923
NL_BE NL_BE.UTF-8 Dutch Belgium 1208

NL_BE.UTF-8@preeuro Dutch Belgium 1208
2966 fr_BE fr_BE.ISO8859-1 French Belgium 819

fr_BE.IBM-1252 French Belgium 1252

fr_BE.IBM-1252@preeuro French Belgium 1252

fr_BE.8859-15 French Belgium 923

fr_BE.8859-15@preeuro French Belgium 923
FR_BE FR_BE.UTF-8 French Belgium 1208

FR_BE.UTF-8@preeuro French Belgium 1208
fr_LU fr_LU.8859-15 French Luxembourg 923

fr_LU.8859-15@preeuro French Luxembourg 923
FR_LU FR_LU.UTF-8 French Luxembourg 1208

FR_LU.UTF-8@preeuro French Luxembourg 1208
2972 th_TH TH_TH.TIS-620 Thai Thailand 874
TH_TH TH_TH.UTF-8 Thai Thailand 1208
2974 bg_BG bg_BG.ISO8859-5 Bulgarian Bulgaria 915
BG_BG BG_BG.UTF-8 Bulgarian Bulgaria 1208
2975 cs_CZ cs_CZ.ISO8859-2 Czech Czech Republic 912
CS_CZ CS_CZ.UTF-8 Czech Czech Republic 1208
2976 hu_HU hu_HU.ISO8859-2 Hungarian Hungary 912
HU_HU HU_HU.UTF-8 Hungarian Hungary 1208
2978 pl_PL pl_PL.ISO8859-2 Polish Poland 912
PL_PL PL_PL.UTF-8 Polish Poland 1208
2979 Start of changeKK_KZ KK_KZ.UTF-8 Kazakh Kazakhstan 1208End of change
ru_RU ru_RU.ISO8859-5 Russian Russia 915
RU_RU RU_RU.UTF-8 Russian Russia 1208
2980 pt_BR pt_BR.ISO8859-1 Portuguese Brazil 819

pt_BR.8859-15 Portuguese Brazil 923
PT_BR PT_BR.UTF-8 Portuguese Brazil 1208
2981 fr_CA fr_CA.ISO8859-1 French Canada 819

fr_CA.8859-15 French Canada 923
FR_CA FR_CA.UTF-8 French Canada 1208
2986 ko_KR ko_KR.IBM-eucKR Korean Korea 970
KO_KR KO_KR.UTF-8 Korean Korea 1208
2987 zh_TW zh_TW.IBM-eucTW Traditional Chinese Taiwan 964
Zh_TW ZH_TW.big5 Traditional Chinese Taiwan 950
zh_TW ZH_TW.UTF-8 Traditional Chinese Taiwan 1208
2989 zh_CN zh_CN.IBM-eucCN Simplified Chinese People's Republic of China 1383
Zh_CN zh_CN.GB18030 Simplified Chinese People's Republic of China 1386
ZH_CN ZH_CN.UTF-8 Simplified Chinese People's Republic of China 1208
ZH_HK ZH_HK.UTF-8 Simplified Chinese Hong Kong 1208
ZH_SG ZH_SG.UTF-8 Simplified Chinese Singapore 1208
2992 ro_RO ro_RO.ISO8859-2 Romanian Romania 912
RO_RO RO_RO.UTF-8 Romanian Romania 1208
2994 sk_SK sk_SK.ISO8859-2 Slovak Slovakia 912
SK_SK SK_SK.UTF-8 Slovak Slovakia 1208
2995 sq_AL sq_AL.ISO8859-1 Serbian Cyrillic Yugoslavia 915

sq_AL.8859-15 Serbian Cyrillic Yugoslavia 923
SQ_AL SQ_AL.UTF-8 Serbian Cyrillic Yugoslavia 1208

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