IBM Performance Management

Using the Network Packet Analyzer

Use the Packet Analyzer to monitor HTTP transactions on applications other than IBM HTTP Server and WebSphere Application Server. You need to manually instrument your web pages to collect browser timings.

The following process is for configuring the Response Time Monitoring agent to use the Packet Analyzer:
  1. Install the Response Time Monitoring agent as root.
  2. Configure the agent by running one of the following commands and providing values when prompted.
    • Linux install_dir/bin/ config
    • Windows install_dir\BIN\rt-agent.bat config
  3. For more information about monitoring HTTPS transactions, including how to import certificates, see Monitoring HTTPS transactions.
  4. To enable data collection from the browser, see Configuring applications to collect browser timing.
  5. To enable resource timing monitoring, see Enabling detailed browser timing
  6. If you are operating a high transaction load environment and you want to limit the monitoring resources that are used by the Response Time Monitoring agent, see Configuring CPU overhead limit.
  7. Start the agent.
  8. After the agent is connected to the Performance Management server, go to the Agent Configuration page and customize the agent to monitor HTTP transactions. For more information, see Monitoring HTTP transactions