IBM Spectrum Control, Version 5.2.9

New for IBM Spectrum Control Version 5.2.9

New features and enhancements are available in IBM® Spectrum Control™ Version 5.2.9.

The following features and enhancements are now available:

Storage reclamation
To identify the volumes that are not being used, the storage systems in your data center that you add for monitoring are regularly analyzed. Criteria such as volume performance and host connections are considered. This function provides the following benefits:
  • You can reclaim unused storage capacity and more effectively allocate volume space on your block storage systems.
  • You can view the amount of storage that can be reclaimed in each of the storage systems that are monitored.
  • You can use the volume reclamation recommendations to reclaim unused storage space and use your storage more efficiently. By reclaiming the volumes, you can reduce costs by recycling existing storage space instead of purchasing new storage media.
The following figure shows the reclaimable capacity for tiered and non-tiered storage, and a list of the reclaimable volumes on the Reclaimable Capacity page:
Screen capture of the Reclaimable Capacity page showing the reclaimable capacity for tiered and non-tiered storage and a list of the reclaimable volumes
Port names
IBM Spectrum Control™ now displays the switch blade number, port number, and blade names just as they were defined in other tools, such as Brocade Network Advisor. On a list of switches, the Name column displays the port names that you defined by using the switch management tools. The Port number column now shows only the port number information.
Enhanced platforms

IBM DB2® Version 10.5 Fix Pack 6 is now included with IBM Spectrum Control. If you already have a version of DB2 that is supported by IBM Spectrum Control Version 5.2.9, for example DB2 Version 10.1, then you are not required to upgrade to DB2 Version 10.5 Fix Pack 6.

For a list of the supported DB2 versions, go to External link icon

Limitations and known issues

For information about limitations and known issues that might occur when you use IBM Spectrum Control Version 5.2.9, see External link icon