Migrating the Virtual I/O Server by using the viosupgrade command or by using the manual method

Learn how to upgrade Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) from VIOS version 2.2.x.x. to VIOS version If the VIOS belongs to a Shared Storage Pool (SSP) cluster, the minimum supported level for upgrade to version 3.1 is 2.2.4.x. If the current VIOS version that belongs to an SSP is earlier than (for example, VIOS version 2.2.3.x), you must upgrade to currently supported VIOS versions (such as, VIOS version 2.2.5.x or 2.2.6.x) before attempting to upgrade to VIOS version, or later.

The upgrade or migration process on the Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) is different from the upgrade or migration process on other operating systems.

The following tasks must be performed for general VIOS upgrade operations:
  • Back up the VIOS metadata by using the viosbr -backup command.
  • Install a version of VIOS from the available VIOS image.
  • Restore the VIOS metadata by using the viosbr -restore command.
For more information about upgrading the Virtual I/O Server, see Methods of upgrading a Virtual I/O Server.

Last updated: Tue, March 12, 2019