Order Status OnLine in 170 countries and 12 languages Technology is an increasingly vital driver of your business’s bottom line. Therefore, knowing when an order ships is no longer enough. You must have additional details about order status so the operational team can better prepare to receive and install the new tools to expedite your time to value.

Order Status OnLine is the application that gives you this information - enabling you to effectively manage your most recently purchased technology investments.

Your business needs to manage:

Businesses need to manage: shipments to other departments and clients. Critical IT deployments and updates on tight schedules. Communications to internal or external audiences. Valuable assets and procurements.


Your order information - a few clicks away

Order Status OnLine (OSOL) puts vital information about your IBM hardware and software orders at your fingertips.

Your order information - a few clicks away. See the 'Get the full infographic' PDF for more details.


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