Our e-Invoicing options help simplify doing business with IBM, allowing you to receive electronic invoices for IBM products and services that you purchase.

How it works

Because it uses open industry standards, IBM e-Invoicing integrates with your existing supplier network including Ariba, Tungsten and others*. IBM e-Invoicing also supports several message formats including cXML, RosettaNet, EDIFACT, EDI X12 and PEPPOL UBL as well as multiple transport mechanisms such as HTTPS and VAN - with and without digital signatures.

*Note: enabled supplier networks vary by country

How you benefit

When you switch from paper invoices to electronic invoices, you’ll be able to:

How to get started

Getting started is easy. Just use one of the contact options and our electronic invoicing expert will contact you. They will work to understand your business and technical requirements, evaluate them against IBM capabilities, and then develop a comprehensive e-Invoicing solution for your unique needs.