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How can I view my contracts?

Information about your options to view and transact your contracts online can be found here.

What does IBM Software maintenance (SWMA) offer?

IBM Software maintenance (SWMA) offers:

Coverage options: one year or three years

All new iSeries or pSeries server purchases include a minimum of one year of Software Maintenance with the appropriate charge. A three-year coverage option charge is also available.

Onsite support options are also available with a choice of either 1 year or 3 years coverage.

If you currently have a software subscription :

Who should I contact if I want to order additional services and need a price?

Please contact your IBM Client Representative or Services Proposal Manager, or through one of the options under We‘re here to help.

How will I be informed in case of any price change for a recurring contract with IBM?

For existing recurring contracts, IBM provides a 3-month written notice of any price increase. For price decrease, this will be effective immediately.

What is the procedure to terminate my recurring charge software license contract?

License termination rules vary depending on the software: Passport Advantage® SW licenses are pre-paid one time charge and they do not require cancellation. Auto-renewal of these contracts will be automatically cancelled after 59 days if no payment is received.

Recurring monthly licenses: Please advise us online of cancellation requirement and include:

Customer number
Phone number
E-mail address
Request for discontinuance

IMPORTANT: ALL copies of Software must be destroyed per cancellation process and confirmation of this must be included in the notification.

You are required to provide 30 days notification unless your installed machine has also been removed from use.

How do I terminate my maintenance contract and what is the cancellation period?

Please submit an online request quoting your contract number and your contact details.

You may terminate standard maintenance services for a machine on one month's notice to us if it has been on maintenance for at least 6 months. Non-standard maintenance addendums can have additional terms and conditions for termination of equipment.

We may terminate maintenance services for a machine on three months' written notice, provided it has been under maintenance services for at least one year. Either of us may terminate service for any Machine if the other does not meet its obligation concerning maintenance services.

How do I cancel my service contract and what is the cancellation period?

Please submit an online request (to allow us to better assist you, please include as much detail as possible).

What if I have a contract question that isn't answered here?

Please submit an online request. To allow us to better assist you, please include as much detail as possible.