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The world's platform for digital transformation

Join IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna as he shares his vision for the future of technology. Arvind will discuss how hybrid cloud agility and AI intelligence are accelerating digital transformation.

Empowering a resilient, sustainable future

Sustainability is a business imperative. Climate change, dwindling natural resources and other hazards are disrupting business in unexpected ways, compelling organizations to transform the way they operate.

Advancing global trade: Connecting better with improved trust

Digitization to reduce the cost of trade is good, but the pandemic is showing us that digitizing is not enough. This panel discussion looks at the “state of the nation" and shares insights from experts in banking and other industries.

How our supply chain solutions can help

Learn how to create more resilient, sustainable supply chains with intelligent workflows.

Supply chain client success stories

JOANN Stores

See how IBM helped JOANN Stores’ supply chain quickly respond to COVID-19.


IBM Business Transaction Intelligence with AI gives Anheuser-Busch end-to-end visibility into transaction lifecycles.

Farmer Connect

Farmer Connect uses IBM Food Trust to transparently connect coffee growers to the consumers they serve.


Sonoco + IBM: Safeguarding the efficacy of lifesaving medications with blockchain.

Building supply chain resiliency with AI-driven workflows

Intelligent workflows help supply chain leaders outperform their peers in revenue growth and profitability.

Supply chain products and solutions

Orchestrate your entire fulfillment network

Trusted multi-enterprise business connectivity

See, manage and act more effectively on inventory to meet actual demand

Build a blockchain-based ecosystem to share trusted data with partners

Propel global trade with less friction

Build resilience with intelligent workflows

Free trial: Experience a smarter B2B network for 30 days. Try IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network.

Supply chain news and events


Supply chain security: Understand the challenges and explore best practices for managing security risks.


Find out how Golden State Foods is using blockchain to drive differentiation and build a more resilient supply chain.


Gartner and IBM discuss how digitization and multi-enterprise business network can help you build a smarter supply chain.