What are the advantages of being an IBM Sterling Business Partner?

Increased demand for better logistics and the need to differentiate your business from the competition require innovation. Partnering with IBM Sterling gives you access to expertise, leading-edge solutions and program benefits that can help you flourish in the face of disruption.

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Solution and consulting Partners

Deliver solutions and services, built on IBM Sterling technology. Go to market with IBM, with the ability to re-sell and co-sell.

Why build your business on IBM Sterling technology?

  • Do more with a supportive partner program that helps you grow your business on your terms.
  • Know more with skill-building training and certifications through the IBM Open Badge program.
  • Deliver more with cognitive-infused IBM Sterling products.


Technology Partners

Market and sell your technology through IBM’s open ecosystem. Take advantage of all the program offers: the most comprehensive ways to bring partners into IBM Sterling solutions including open APIs, technical consulting, product road maps, sandbox accounts and more. 

Why become an IBM Sterling Partner?

  • Do more with program benefits that drive market reach and brand awareness.
  • Know more with access to extensive developer resources.
  • Deliver more through integrated solutions from IBM Sterling.


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Partner explorer profile management system

Showcase your unique skills and joint value with IBM Sterling offerings.