In today’s rapid acceleration of digital transformation, companies are faced with supporting increasing volumes of file transfers, increased file sizes, a multitude of protocols, and ever-more cybersecurity risks. IBM offers a complete and unified MFT platform¹ to modernize and support the mission-critical workloads that power the success of your business — entrusted by government tax offices, complex supply chains, and 80 of the top 100 global banks to move vital data.

Built cloud-ready on a container architecture to help you simplify, standardize, and modernize your managed file transfer environment with security, scalability, and reliability.

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With a comprehensive set of capabilities, meet all your enterprise-level file transfer needs on a single platform to simplify and modernize your IT landscape.¹

Speed and scale

Improve throughput and scalability by delivering files with 86% fewer errors and up to 61% faster.¹


Stop fire-fighting and focus on what matters most. IBM clients see up to 99% less unplanned downtime.¹

File transfer solutions

Unified enterprise file transfer

Get the best of IBM Sterling MFT in a unified file transfer platform to share and track the movement of mission-critical information within your enterprise and across your network of trading associates.

Always-on, edge-based gateway

Rely on a scalable, flexible, secure, and always-on, edge-based gateway that enables partners to transfer files securely over the internet, in any format, using industry-standard protocols.

Secure, point-to-point file transfer

Move files with confidence over an event-based architecture and proprietary protocol that enables high volumes and large-file architecture with no product-defined limits and no reported security breaches to date.

Governance over MFT

Central monitoring and configuration management provide visibility into file transfers and B2B processes across a supported infrastructure within the network. Align server views with operational logic. Define schedules, processes, file names and metadata with a simplified interface.

Protect crucial data

Shield your trusted network from intruders with a DMZ-based proxy which prevents direct communication between external and internal sessions. Supports firewall best practices, includes robust encryption, and offers flexible authentication options to ensure compliance with security standards.

Onboard and manage partner connections

Reduce the time and resources required to onboard new partners while managing and maintaining existing partners.


Case studies

Building a scalable, future-ready payment processing platform

IBM delivers 24/7 availability for mission-critical trading partner communications to Nets.

Meeting demanding SLAs even in the event of disaster

IBM solutions are helping ensure that critical files are transferred on time, every time at Western Union.

Enhancing competitiveness with simple, cost-efficient management

IBM solutions help Rabobank support a 400% increase in trading-partner base with ease.

Modernizing MFT platform to drive digital transformation

Hear how a next-generation managed file transfer platform enhanced Equifax's security compliance levels and became a cornerstone of their digital transformation initiatives.


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