IBM integrated Storage solutions drive business value

Accelerate performance and reduce your costs

Tightly integrated IBM Storage solutions drive up efficiencies and performance and drive down complexity and cost.

IBM invests in exhaustive compatibility testing and reference architecture development. You can rest assured that the complexities and risk of deploying IBM FlashSystem with other IBM products have been minimized, while compatibility, performance, and real value have been engineered in.

IBM Spectrum Scale with IBM FlashSystem

Boost performance for cloud and big data applications. These two complementary solutions deliver extreme performance for the most compute-intensive applications, helping remove both storage and data-access bottlenecks.

IBM Spectrum Protect with IBM FlashSystem

Achieve faster backups while reducing costs and saving data center space. These solutions make the challenges of protecting growing data volumes much more manageable.

IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems servers and FlashSystem storage combine synergistically to deliver leading-edge response time, bandwidth, and throughput.

IBM DB2 with FlashSystem

Accelerate IBM DB2 workloads and build a next-generation data platform that keeps transactional workflows and analytics operating at maximum efficiency.

IBM partners combine FlashSystem performance with leading applications

Gain extreme performance and improved economics

Combining IBM FlashSystem extreme performance, MicroLatency, macro efficiency, and enterprise reliability with leading third-party applications can:
• Accelerate overall system performance
• Reduce costs
• Increase reliability and serviceability

Improve the data economics of ISV solutions by deploying them with IBM FlashSystem.

Oracle and IBM FlashSystem solutions

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Ventiv Technology delivers the performance and availability their customers demand

VMware and IBM FlashSystem Solutions

Project Capstone: Pushing the performance limits of virtualization

Benchmark tests: IBM FlashSystem accelerates VMware vCloud

IBM FlashSystem V9000: Enabling the full value of virtualization

IBM FlashSystem with VMware: A seamless integration

IBM and VMware: A longstanding partnership

SAP and IBM FlashSystem solutions

Accelerate SAP with IBM FlashSystem and IBM Power Servers

Discover certified and supported SAP HANA hardware

More FlashSystem solutions from IBM ISV partners

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