IBM FlashSystem case studies

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High performance, secure data storage drives better insights


The following case studies describe how IBM® customers are using FlashSystem® technology to achieve IT and business goals and get ahead of the competition.



Data-based insights

Apator Rector sp. z o.o.

Apator Rector built a centralized storage platform with IBM FlashSystem technology to more quickly and easily manage and migrate development data.

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Fosen IKT

Fosen IKT reduced application response times by up to 50% using IBM FlashSystem storage with IBM Spectrum® Virtualize to increase throughput and scalability.

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Grupo Zapata

Grupo Zapata uses SAP S/4HANA® on IBM Power® Systems servers and IBM FlashSystem storage to make data-driven decisions, helping to minimize materials costs and maximize profitability.

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Hall AG and Citynet Utility company Hall AG works tirelessly to make sure everything runs smoothly. To support innovation and service continuity, IT service provider Citynet modernized its storage platform with IBM FlashSystem to ensure seamless operations at Hall AG. Read Hall AG case study


Compass Health Brands

Compass uses IBM FlashSystem 5000 to give users faster access to inventory data and ensure timely shipments to retail clients with high-volume order requests.

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Evolution Systems

IBM Business Partner Evolution updated its data centers with IBM FlashSystem 7200 technology to quickly and easily match cloud services customer infrastructure to customer needs — all while boosting performance.

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Trident Services, Inc.

Trident increased storage capacity by 50% and decreased data backup time from 6 hours to 30 minutes with IBM FlashSystem 5200, improving response times and developer productivity.

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Hybrid cloud

Höganäs Borgestad AB Höganäs Borgestad doubled storage performance at 90% savings compared to competing offerings by deploying IBM FlashSystem storage to support its new virtualized IT landscape. Read the case study

Cyber resilience

Cloud Temple

Cloud Temple manages the backup of 7,500 VMware virtual machines to IBM FlashSystem arrays using IBM Spectrum® Protect Plus, improving service levels and achieving significant resource allocation savings.

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Staffordshire County Council

Staffordshire County Council offers 100% guaranteed citizen data restore on hybrid cloud using Predatar Baas, based on IBM Spectrum Protect.

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RNG Teknoloji

RNG Teknoloji offers a new backup offering, powered by IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, providing 6x faster backups through data compression and deduplication.

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