Innovative technology automatically encrypts and decrypts data

IBM offers a portfolio of information security solutions based on its innovative self-encrypting disk and tape drives. These drives are designed to encrypt data automatically as it enters the drive to be stored, and then automatically decrypt it as it moves out of the drive.

The embedded data encryption engine helps to ensure that there is no performance degradation compared to the non-encrypting drives. This drive-level data encryption approach reduces the risk that information could be compromised when you physically remove storage media from the storage systems.

IBM data security solutions

IBM DS8880

Protects sensitive information from internal and external threats with virtually no impact on performance.

IBM XIV Storage System

Secures your data with industry-standard data-at-rest encryption with no performance impact.

TS1150 Tape Drive

Supports a single encryption key management approach. Helps to avoid the need for host-based encryption or the use of special encryption appliances.

IBM TS2270 Tape Drive with LTO Ultrium 7

Helps improve the performance of your backup processes with dedicated encryption/decryption core.

IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager

Simplifies, centralizes and automates encryption-key management across your enterprise.

IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager for z/OS

Simplifies, centralizes and strengthens encryption key management while maintaining availability of data at rest natively on IBM Z®.

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