IBM Storage solutions for contingency planning

IBM DS8880 hybrid storage

Excellent business continuity with 24x7 access to data on high-demand transaction processing workloads where data integrity is critical

IBM XIV Storage System

High reliability and availability via full redundancy, self-healing and unprecedented rebuild speed

IBM Storwize V7000

Support for near-instant data copies for backup or application testing and dynamic migration for near-continuous availability of applications

IBM software and services for contingency planning

IBM Spectrum Protect

Gain online, near-instant snapshot backup and restore of critical business applications

IBM Spectrum Scale

Automate recovery procedures for planned and unplanned outages for near-continuous availability and disaster recovery capability

IBM Resiliency Services – High Availability

Ensure resilience and continuous availability with an end-to-end plan structured to support future growth

Helping our clients achieve their business continuity goals

Hansgrohe SE

Reduces downtime during weekly backup window by 40%, and avoids investment costs in additional storage with up to 87% total data compression


Eliminates unplanned downtime and supports mission-critical business services with a grid-scale, hotspot-free enterprise storage platform