Transform your storage to gain competitive advantage

What’s the best way to optimize your IT infrastructure to enhance the customer experience, address risk and compete effectively?

IBM delivers storage solutions to 49 of the top 50 global banks, enabling rapid digital transformation, superior customer interactions, and heightened security to counter cyberthreats.

You can gain performance improvements to speed batch processing and accelerate critical financial transactions up to 100x.

And, you can benefit from storage efficiency to manage and move data anywhere it’s needed — simply, affordably and reliably.

See how to get terabytes, or even petabytes, back each week, and use your storage savings to fund business growth.

What does success look like?

Prevent fraud and minimize risk

Analyze customer transactions in real-time to detect fraud before it’s processed with IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM FlashSystem, and respond faster to changes in fraudulent activity patterns.

Improve customer experiences

Give your customers instant visibility to their money and investments. Gain insights by speeding online transactions up to 50% and improving response times by up to 100X.

Digitize to compete

Improve return on equity by digitally reinventing your organization to streamline and cut costs, while keeping your customers as your top priority. See why high-speed interactions require flash and cloud-friendly solutions.

How can IBM Storage help you win?

Flash speed and versatility

With microsecond latency, IBM Flash Storage is the best tool for improving financial application performance.

Cloud agility and economics

IBM hybrid cloud can help you provide superior customer experiences at a lower cost.

IBM market leadership

When you partner with IBM you gain access to the highest RAS levels across a wide array of category-leading portfolio products.

IBM Storage integrated solutions

IBM collaborates with strategic partners to deliver maximum value. You gain tested solutions that optimize IT infrastructure and financial workloads.

IBM financial services clients gain clear competitive advantage


Improves customer experience with 100x performance boost in a key mission-critical application.


Leverages efficient cloud to enhance customer journey and gains more time to spend on innovation.


Drives rapid expansion with no time for downtime, and enables omnichannel digital banking without comprising on quality.

Wanilan Securities

Accelerates financial trading with 62.5% reduction in trade clearing time, 100% acceleration of storage I/O, and 15% increase in CPU usage.