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Proven, reliable, purpose-built solutions for optimizing your ecommerce order fulfilment and the communications with your customers and suppliers
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B2B solutions built on extensive customer experience

Many organizations struggle to keep up with the volume and diversity of new customers and suppliers they do business with. IBM Sterling solutions and offerings provide proven reliable connectivity, end-to-end visibility, real-time insights to turn potential disruptions into opportunities for customer engagement, growth, and profit.

Sterling emphasizes connectivity through a wide range of standards and protocols, facilitating data translation and validation. Prioritizing visibility by providing end-to-end data insights at document, transaction, and business levels, and it supports efficient partner management with rapid onboarding. Additionally, the family of solutions enables actionable workflows, allowing users to refine, improve, or reinvent supply chain processes, identify and resolve issues faster, and operationalize sustainability goals by improving transparency and demonstrating progress against sustainability commitments.

Benefits Connectivity

Wide range of standards and protocols, data translation and validation.


End-to-end data insight at document, transaction, and business levels.

Partner management

Rapid onboarding and efficient management of customers and partners.

Actionable workflows

Refine, improve or reinvent supply chain process flows. Identify, prioritize and resolve issues faster using business rules, work queues, and workflows


Provide goods-specific transparency across multiple supply chain partners, enabling analytics by company, location, product movement and condition. 

Operationalize sustainability goals

Improve supply chain resiliency and transparency while demonstrating meaningful progress against public sustainability commitments.

Data Exchange A portfolio of modern, reliable B2B data exchange solutions built for demanding ‘managed file transfer’ and ‘B2B integration’ workloads . Solutions built for demanding workloads and developed by IBM experts with decades of deep domain expertise. Managed file transfer

Move over 1 million files per day with IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer, the worlds most used file transfer platform. Share documents and files of any type in a secure, reliable, and timely way.

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B2B integration

Workflow orchestration that accompanies the exchange of data, including data transformation into variety of B2B standards and protocols with validation.

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Supply Chain Apply the power of AI and the speed of automation to improve supply chain management, resiliency and sustainability. IBM Sterling Order Management

Deliver the perfect order with a complete omnichannel order fulfillment platform.

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IBM Sterling Supply Chain Intelligence Suite

Apply the power of AI and the speed of automation to improve supply chain management, resiliency and sustainability.

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Resources The business value of IBM Sterling Data Exchange

Discover how secure customer connections yield a 383% ROI, whether through MFT, EDI, or API integration.

Transforming B2C and B2B Customer Experiences with Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment

To meet customer demand, retailers must understand what inventory is available to promise and must be able to deliver on that promise.

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