The ultimate data advantage

The US Open is surrounded by data—on-the-court, off-the-court, on TV screens and across Twitter feeds. How can USTA employees and fans understand this data and put it into play? With IBM. Through this powerful partnership, USTA employees from video editors to the C-suite are serving fans real-time insights to enhance their experience.

Unmatched fan experiences

With Watson and IBM Cloud, USTA employees turn more channels, more devices and more video content into individualized experiences for over 11 million fans. Here’s how.

The US Open app

Over 700,000 people attend the US Open each year and millions of people watch it across the globe. The IBM Cloud brings the US Open app to fans around the world so they can each individualize their experience with real-time data and insights.

Cognitive highlights

It’s impossible for one human to watch all of the biggest US Open matches simultaneously. Today, Watson can look at massive amounts of video footage and dissect the vast amount of information in each frame to finally make this possible. With Cognitive Highlights, Watson watches almost all the matches, analyzes match data, player gestures and crowd cheers and selects the tournament’s most exciting moments so video editors and fans never have to miss a beat.

Cognitive concierge

With Watson Conversation API, USTA employees are able to take customer service to the next level. Embedded in the US Open app’s Guest Info feature, Watson is able to understand each and every fan’s questions — in their natural language — and deliver the real-time answers they need to navigate and personalize over 130 US Open attractions and 892 matches.

IBM SlamTracker


IBM SlamTracker takes fans inside the game with insights from 12 years of Grand Slam records, 6,350 matches, 946,759 points, real-time match data and social media comments. Keys to the Match adds context and drama to every moment, helping fans understand each player's strengths and track player progress against historical performance keys. Fans can even see how two competitors match up, accounting for situational variables like ball position, pace of play and more.

The power behind the performance

IBM designs, develops and delivers digital experiences for many global sporting events, including The Masters, Wimbledon and the US Open — but these capabilities aren't all fun and games. The same technologies that perform competitive analyses for players and connect events with millions of fans can help your business outperform the competition and connect with your customers.

Watson Media

Watson Media analyzes media for text, audio, and visual data, providing a deeper understanding of asset content and unlocking new capabilities throughout the media workflow.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud enables the USTA and IBM to store and integrate massive amounts of data—from matches to fan cheers—and deliver it to fans in new forms at light speed.

Watson for Cyber Security

IBM security pros can analyze nearly 1 million security events a second, keeping over 90 million US Open app and site visits secure and protected.