IBM at the
2021 US Open

Advantage, fans

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Match Insights with IBM Watson

AI-generated fact sheets on every singles match, produced by Watson Discovery

Using the power of AI to measure player momentum

Introducing the IBM Power Rankings with Watson

IBM Power Rankings with Watson® is an AI-generated daily ranking of player momentum that can help predict the likelihood to win for every singles match at the US Open. The algorithm combines advanced analytics of recent scores and statistics with the natural language processing capabilities of Watson Discovery to understand what analysts in the media are saying about player performance.

Speed and agility, on the court and in the cloud

The US Open is going hybrid with IBM

The US Open’s hybrid cloud platform with Red Hat® OpenShift® allows the USTA digital team to accelerate their pace of innovation, producing engaging, new fan experiences like the IBM Power Rankings, Match Insights with Watson, and AI enhancements to the US Open fantasy game.

Security by design

AI-powered cybersecurity

IBM QRadar® uses sophisticated analytics and machine learning capabilities to help identify and address potential threats to the US Open digital platforms.

Changing the game, changing the world

Like the USTA, many organizations in every industry are using a hybrid cloud approach and AI to drive value and insight from vast quantities of data. Read more about their journeys here.