Changing the game. Changing the world.

IBM and the USTA are revolutionizing the way fans experience the US Open. And the foundation of that experience is powered by the IBM Cloud. With a faster, more secure journey to cloud, IBM supports the rapid innovation and development that keeps the US Open digital properties fresh year after year. It puts the power of IBM Watson’s AI in the hands of millions of fans. And it protects the integrity of the US Open infrastructure with some of the world’s most advanced cybersecurity.

These are the same technologies IBM uses to transform industries and tackle some of society’s most pressing concerns, from cancer to climate change. Learn more about how IBM is changing the game, and changing the world.

Acing the US Open application design and development

The US Open offers a wide variety of digital experiences to more than 10 million fans during the tournament, all delivered through the site and US Open app. From the enterprise-grade data analytics of SlamTracker, to the Watson-enabled virtual assistant, to the app itself, the IBM Cloud enables the rapid development and delivery of game-changing capabilities, andthe world-class IBM iX design team brings it all to life.

Bringing AI to the US Open

IBM Watson is reinventing the way fans experience the US Open. Its AI highlight capability can see, listen to, and understand the most exciting video clips from the tournament, serving them up to millions of fans through the Website and app. And, Watson Assistant is powering the US Open’s virtual concierge, helping more than 700,000 visitors navigate their onsite experience at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

Bringing AI to the players

The same technology that powers AI Highlights at the US Open is now helping USTA coaches and players combine video and data to sharpen their games. Video has long been a critical element in player development, but the process of tagging and indexing match video for analysis is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Watson accelerates this effort from hours to minutes, and will soon integrate additional data sources for more comprehensive and effective player analysis.

Keeping the US Open secure to the core

It’s not unusual for the US Open technology infrastructure to be targeted by more than 100 million attacks during the course of the tournament. Watson for Cybersecurity uses sophisticated analytics and machine learning capabilities to ensure that none of these attacks find a mark.

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There are dozens of technologies and services that combine to deliver the unique US Open digital experience. And they are the same technologies that can power digital transformation in your organization.

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