Expect more in 3 minutes

This year the Masters is using the enterprise-grade AI of IBM Watson to instantly produce highlight reels that capture a player's entire round in three minutes. But this is just the latest innovation from a Tournament that has regularly pushed the technological boundaries of the fan experience for more than two decades. And it's all made possible by IBM Cloud's powerful hybrid cloud environment, game-changing AI, and enterprise-grade security that protects data no matter where it lives.

Behind the Masters

The user interface for the Masters app and website is beautiful, simple and intuitive. But behind the scenes, a complex system is capturing massive amounts of data from the Tournament, routing it to multiple clouds in multiple locations, and using Watson Media to transform it into meaningful digital experiences for Masters’ patrons.

Photo of Augusta National

From the Masters to the Masses

The same cloud and AI technology that supports the digital experience at the Masters is transforming the operations of thousands of IBM clients around the world. For any organization in any industry, data is the new basis of competitive advantage. The ability to build platforms that turn data into insight into action, with speed and quality, will determine the winners in the digital age.


From Augusta to Australia

Sydney-based Westpac, a 200-year old bank, modernizes its core operations on hybrid cloud.

From long irons to deep insights

Pulsar uses IBM Watson to analyze digital comments and extract social trends to study human behavior in a new way.

Photo of Augusta National


We work at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and technology to help our clients digitally reinvent their businesses.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud enables the Masters and IBM to store and integrate massive amounts of data—from shots to fan cheers—and deliver it to fans in new forms at light speed.

IBM Security

IBM security pros can analyze nearly 1 million security events a second, keeping over 90 million Masters app and site visits secure and protected.