Introducing GRAMMYconnect, an AI-powered fan experience

Connect to the GRAMMYs® like never before, courtesy of IBM and the Recording Academy™. GRAMMYconnect uses IBM Watson® to reveal hidden connections between GRAMMY-nominated artists. See who grew up in the same town, supported the same charity or worked with the same producer. Watson has analyzed more than 14 million articles and bios on 19,000 GRAMMY-nominated artists to discover interesting and surprising connections. GRAMMYconnect helps music fans deepen their engagement with the GRAMMYs and the music they love.

How Watson Discovery enhances music's biggest night

GRAMMYconnect uses Watson Discovery to find and analyze unstructured and structured data from multiple trusted sources of music information, including the official GRAMMY archive at and Muzooka. Through its analysis, Watson Discovery has identified more than 20 million connections between artists, industry professionals and other celebrities. A complex ranking algorithm sorts the results by most common and least common connections to provide summaries quickly.

From music to business to society

Thousands of IBM clients worldwide use the same technology that fuels GRAMMYconnect. Read how IBM is changing the way people work and live every day.

From hip hop to healthcare

The Mayo Clinic uses Watson to match cancer patients with promising clinical trials.

From easy listening to easy litigation

LegalMation trained Watson on legal terminology and concepts to help associates save time.

From indie rock to investment banking

Accrete.AI reveals hidden market patterns that lead to better investments.

Discovering artists with the help of Watson

More broadly, the music industry also used Watson Discovery to help accelerate the research process to identify new talent. Multi-platinum music producer Alex Da Kid and vocalist H.E.R. leveraged IBM Watson to find the right artist to collaborate with on their single "Go." Find out how Watson Discovery uncovered hidden connections to identify Rapsody as the best upcoming artist for their new track.