SAP Demand Signal Management©

Powered by HANA and implemented by IBM

The challenge

A new analytics platform for the industry
Demand signal management is coming of age. As more and more companies use data from the point of sale (POS) and social media, new innovations are needed that provide integration between external market data and internal operations, global delivery capabilities and the expertise needed to embed new data sources into the fabric of the company. With DSiM, you can use retail POS data and social media to:

The solution

Sense, analyze and respond
Demand Signal Management (DSiM)—developed by SAP, powered by HANA and implemented by IBM—offers an effective response to these challenges with a new analytics platform for the consumer packaged goods industry. DSiM can instantly access and analyze massive amounts of data from external downstream point-of-sale and social media data, to market research and sales information. The breakthrough technology of SAP HANA lets you analyze very large, non-aggregated volumes of data at unprecedented speed.

Demand Signal Management helps acquire, harmonize, aggregate, and leverage demand signals in real-time

Better demand signal visibility means

The benefits

Better decision making and competitive advantage
Embed the voice of the consumer into your operations DSiM helps your company integrate demand signal data into the fabric of company operations, driving better decision making in sales, marketing, your supply chain, and the rest of your enterprise. By integrating demand signal data with core business processes such as demand planning, new product introductions, trade promotion management and on-shelf availability analysis, DSiM acts as a force multiplier to your existing SAP tools and investment.

With DSiM, you can use retail POS data to:

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The alliance partnership

Why IBM and SAP
The IBM and SAP Alliance was formed over 40 years ago and has resulted a record 28 Pinnacle Awards and thousands of successful SAP implementations. In 2013, the IBM and SAP Alliance is driving fundamental changes in consumer technology through front office digitization to redefine the ways leading companies serve their customers. By leveraging the power of demand signal management, IBM and SAP are paving the way to create and capture new sources of value from customer interactions.

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