IBM Systems and Services for SAP HANA

SAP HANA generally available on IBM Power Systems

SAP has announced the general availability of SAP HANA Business Warehouse on the IBM Power Systems platform. Support for SAP HANA Business Suite on Power is expected by the end of 2015. SAP HANA runs on all POWER8 servers. For the first time, SAP HANA clients will be able to leverage a system that was designed for Big Data. IBM Power Systems have four times the capability commonly available on x86 platforms, in areas like multithreaded computing, high bandwidth memory, and intelligent data caching. This platform has been tuned to provide faster access to in-memory databases, like SAP HANA, and delivers these capabilities in systems that are competitively priced. Additionally, the enterprise-grade resiliency and flexible capacity features that Power Systems is known for become increasingly important to clients as they deploy or grow their in-memory analytics capabilities. The availability of SAP HANA across the entire POWER8 product line allows our clients to quickly and easily extend these benefits for HANA by simply allocating additional capacity on their infrastructure.

Accompanying SAP’s announcement, IBM introduced new Power Systems Solution Editions for SAP HANA. These competitively-priced configurations are designed to support SAP HANA Business Warehouse (BW) on POWER8 hardware. The benefits to the customer begin with outstanding price/performance, and extend to simplified IT infrastructure and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Solution Editions also provide the capacity to manage growth and the flexibility to integrate new functions, which helps minimize risks associated with adopting new business technologies, while speeding implementation time required for deploying new business applications.

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