Information may be power—but if it's wrong or you have too much, it can leave you powerless. Let IBM and SAP help you quickly turn data into insights you can use.

Data overload. Disjointed sources. Limited analysis tools. When you have to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time, these challenges can inhibit success. If your corporation is facing these issues, the key to success is strengthening your information infrastructure to support better business analytics.

IBM Consulting Services for SAP Analytics
IBM can integrate and optimize the required software, servers, storage and networks to help strengthen your information infrastructure so you can deliver timely, security-rich and trusted information throughout your organization—and to your customers and partners. In addition, IBM can help you build an information infrastructure that is geared around the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio:

IBM Global Business Services (GBS) provides leading consulting services for Business Analytics with SAP, such as Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC), Cash Management, Integrated Risk Management, and Ready-to-Launch solutions.

Business Analytics Infrastructure for SAP
IBM can help you optimize your information infrastructure to support your SAP applications by focusing on:

IBM offers a wide range of solutions to help strengthen your business analytics infrastructure:

  • Assessing where you stand

    IBM offers a unique combination of experience and proven methodologies to help strengthen your information infrastructure, but where do you start?

  • Business Analytics Quickstart for SAP (PDF, 464KB)

    This offering provides an in-depth analysis of your current capabilities, and helps you identify areas for improvement, build a plan for moving forward and prepare for organizational change.

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