Solutions: Oracle's JD Edwards and IBM

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IBM transformational services for JD Edwards customers

IBM provides unmatched strategy and transformational capabilities to Oracle JD Edwards customers across supply chain, finance, technology, infrastructure and front-office systems. IBM offers a point of view on upgrade projects with three levels of capabilities across the upgrade continuum:

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IBM supports JD Edwards customers through their transformation journey using our program and change management tools and accelerators. IBM is uniquely qualified to help you as evidenced by our:

IBM business value accelerators for JDE upgrades
Some clients considering an upgrade for their existing JDE to E1 9.X release may struggle with the volume of customization in their existing system. This is especially true of clients using JDE World releases with RPG source code because RPG was so easy to modify.

Clients need to quickly analyze their existing systems to rationalize the number of modifications, and then effectively estimate the cost to retrofit the remaining modifications. The business value accelerator (BVA) includes a set of proven processes, tools and templates to analyze the delta functionality between releases. This can help clients either rationalize or eliminate the need for customizations, and is coupled with a highly accurate development estimate system for upgrades. The BVA is relevant for any customer looking to upgrade to JDE E1 9.X from earlier JDE releases of both World and EnterpriseOne. The BVA could enable clients to realize a 40 to 80 percent reduction in the number of modifications required.

IBM assessment for JD Edwards upgrades, product evaluation and developing implementation roadmap

Whether you are considering an upgrade, a new implementation or planning your IT investments for the next one to five years, this offering can assist you in developing a budget and getting executive buy-in. The JD Edwards assessment package can be customized to your specific environment and requirements, and offers the following modules:

Smarter Application Development and Management for JD Edwards clients

Smarter Application Development and Management (ADM) is a platform that accelerates time to value, drives innovation and enables sustainable business growth. If you are looking for an AMS solution that uses an outcomes-based model, consider Smarter ADM.

IBM Managed Cloud Services for JD Edwards clients

IBM Oracle capabilities

Among system integrators, IBM has one of the largest, most experienced group of professionals with proven knowledge across the entire Oracle ecosystem

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