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The Genographic Legacy Fund
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The Genographic Legacy Fund   |   Public Participation   |   IBM's Role  


Where Past Meets Future

Where past meets future While a majority of the revenues generated through the public participation kit cover sample processing, a portion will help fund education and cultural preservation projects for indigenous groups. The Genographic Legacy Fund grew out of our conviction that the Genographic Project should give to the indigenous peoples in ways that go beyond the scientific effort. These projects, to be identified and managed in conjunction with leading developmental organizations and indigenous representatives, could range from awareness efforts for indigenous communities in need, to cultural conservation projects.

Due to an enthusiastic response from the general public, we are off to a fast start with the Legacy Fund as the project unfolds. We are working with various groups, organizations and individuals to identify the appropriate initiatives this growing fund should support. We will also take guidance from our Genographic Advisory Board.

Your participation in the project will expand its societal benefits even as it increases our understanding of the colorful tapestry that is our human genetic diversity. We are truly appreciative of your involvement, and hope that you feel, as we do, that this initiative makes a profound statement about who we are as people and strengthens the belief that we are all one family.

IBM and National Geographic have a stated goal to not conduct medical research or patent any of the genetic information obtained through the provision of samples from either indigenous or non-indigenous peoples. The analysis and published results that we hope will come as an output of this extensive global effort will be released back to the public, providing for the advancement of humankind.

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Your Legacy

Your Legacy By purchasing a Genographic Public Participation Kit, you are in a sense becoming an 'associate researcher'-a rare and exciting opportunity to get involved in a major scientific endeavor that could change the way we understand our shared history as a species.

Furthermore, a portion of the kit purchase cost goes to the Genographic Legacy Fund, a fund that will be earmarked for and distributed to assistance efforts for indigenous communities worldwide.

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IBM Innovation

IBM and LegacyWhy is IBM committing vast resources to this project? Because it reflects our core value-driving innovation that matters to the world and applying technology to make a difference in people's lives.

Thousands of IBM employees from around the globe have enthusiastically participated in the Genographic Project, and many have offered to tell their stories of what they learned. We invite you to take a look at these 'Genetic Journeys' and to see this cross-section of the IBM community which, in many ways, mirrors the world at large.

"IBM is proud to look back on its history of contributing to the worldwide community. We believe it is more than an obligation as an information technology company working to provide solutions to its global customers. We believe it is a moral imperative for us to help where we can, especially when the task is so large, complex and global that few other single organizations could address it. From contributing millions of lines of our own software code to the open source community, to providing information technology systems to areas and groups hit by disaster, to the financial donations from our IBM Foundation to leading global education efforts, we continuously strive to improve our ability to assist."

Samuel J. Palmisano,
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer
IBM Corporation

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The Genographic Project
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