IBM and Red Hat solutions


IBM and Red Hat Alliance - The principles of open source have transformed both the technical landscape and the way software enables your business. IBM has a long-standing relationship with Red Hat, one of our Linux® Development Partners. Together we have helped lead the open source and open standards revolution, providing open and mixed source solutions that enable our customers beyond the limits of proprietary solutions. IBM, together with Red Hat, have lead in achieving the acceptance of Linux as a mission-critical platform, driving its viability with our direct technical contributions to Linux development and our significant investments in our Red Hat partnership.

The entire IBM Systems product line is enabled for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (link resides outside of, making it easy for your business to take advantage of the power of open standards. Together with Red Hat, we can:

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is a high-performing operating system that has delivered outstanding value to IT environments for nearly a decade, having been deployed in mission-critical applications at global stock exchanges, financial institutions, leading telcos, and animation studios; and powers websites of some of the most recognizable global retail brands. Designed to help organizations make a seamless transition to emerging datacenter models that include virtualization and cloud computing, Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes support for major hardware architectures, hypervisors, and cloud providers, making deployments across physical and different virtual environments predictable and secure.

With the announcement of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Red Hat is helping to set the standard for the next generation of operating systems. This latest release delivers dramatic improvements in reliability, performance, scalability, and infrastructure flexibility and provides unprecedented control throughout the IT environment. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is designed to support today's flexible and varied enterprise architectures and most mission-critical environments, and provide the foundation for a virtualized enterprise.

Providing the advantages of Linux, comprehensive services, technology leadership and global reach, the IBM and Red Hat alliance gives you the confidence and ability to deploy a resilient infrastructure throughout your enterprise.