IBM and Novell solutions - United States


Building on a partnership of more than 20 years
Novell and IBM are developing and delivering comprehensive Linux® solutions to solve today's business problems, with hardware and software solutions for a Smarter Planet. Providing the advantages of Linux, comprehensive services, technology leadership and global reach, the IBM/Novell alliance gives you the confidence and ability to deploy a resilient infrastructure throughout your enterprise. The entire IBM Systems product line is enabled for SUSE Linux Enterprise, making it easy for your business to take advantage of the power of open standards.

IBM and Novell have long-standing sales, development, and support partnerships in place to provide comprehensive Linux solutions worldwide. Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise provides a common source code base for all of IBM's server and strategic middleware offerings. Novell's commitment to the open source movement, combined with IBM's expertise in Linux integration, helps businesses of all sizes successfully deploy Linux across a broad range of platforms. With hundreds of software engineers, support staff and consultants dedicated to Linux and open source - and thousands of experienced business partners - Novell has unparalleled expertise in delivering and supporting Linux solutions worldwide. When combined with IBM's middleware and support offerings, customers can enable uniform and flexible infrastructure deployments.

With trusted brands, unmatched support infrastructures and substantial open-source investments, Novell and IBM give customers the confidence to deploy Linux solutions, driving acceptance of Linux as a mission-critical platform, delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions to clients.