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IBM Systems for Infor

The Infor and IBM product and development teams work closely together to ensure that Infor solutions are optimized to run on all major IBM platforms.

IBM Power Systems

Based on IBM POWER7® processors that offer extremely high performance with the flexibility of advanced IBM PowerVM® virtualization, IBM Power Systems™ servers combine robustness with high throughput for mission-critical applications. With multiple form-factors including blades, and a highly scalable multi-processor architecture, IBM Power Systems are available to suit any size of business. Mature management tools and robust components make IBM Power Systems fit for the demands of 24/7 business.

Infor applications are optimized to run on both the IBM i and the IBM AIX operating systems on IBM Power Systems servers.


The industry-proven IBM i technology is built on decades of investment and offers bullet-proof reliability and security. The integrated IBM DB2 database typically removes the need for a dedicated database administrator (DBA), contributing to the low cost of operation for IBM i. Advanced logical partitioning and virtualization capabilities enable multiple distinct environments to run on a single server.


The standards-based IBM AIX operating system combines openness and flexibility with excellent performance and scalability. Conforming to The Open Group’s Single UNIX Specification Version 3, AIX can be easily adopted by enterprises that are already using other UNIX distributions. Advanced IBM PowerVM® virtualization supports multiple virtual servers per physical server, providing excellent opportunities for server consolidation.

IBM PureSystems

The PureSystems product family is the result of investment by IBM of $2 billion in R&D and acquisitions over four years. PureSystems solutions are designed to offer three key characteristics of expert integrated systems: built-in expertise, integration by design, and simplified experience.

The IBM PureSystems multi-platform environment is ideal for Infor10 Industry Suites, offering optimized performance and a unified management system – even across different hardware architectures.

Within the PureSystems family, IBM PureFlex System provides a complete infrastructure – including servers, storage, networking and management software – in a single, self-optimizing package. Its innovative ‘scale in’ design can significantly accelerate implementation, enabling businesses to achieve faster time-to-value with deeply integrated compute, storage and networking resources.

PureSystems solutions are also available in appliance form with IBM PureApplication System solutions. For Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN) on IBM AIX, the IBM PureApplication Virtual Appliance will enable extremely rapid and low-risk deployment at low cost.

IBM System x

IBM’s x86 platform offers a very broad range of options, from cost-optimized Express solutions to enterprise servers featuring up to eight processor sockets. All IBM System x servers offer high build quality and reliability, with innovations such as Light-Path Diagnostics that simplify management and servicing. Enterprise System x servers benefit from the fifth-generation of IBM X-Architecture®, including MAX5 memory expansion and FlexNode partitioning for splitting multi-processor servers into distinct logical units.

IBM BladeCenter

With its compact form-factor, simplified management, and ability to mix and match different processor architectures (Power and x86) within the same chassis, IBM BladeCenter offers a flexible and efficient platform for business computing. New blade servers are simply slotted into the chassis for instant connection to power and networking, making BladeCenter easy and rapid to scale. With all cabling for up to 14 servers integrated into the chassis, BladeCenter can significantly reduce complexity in the data center while providing an enormous range of connectivity options.

IBM System Storage

The IBM System Storage DS® family offers reliable, high-performance SAN-attached disk storage, while the IBM XIV® Storage System provides a unique fully virtualized grid of disk storage that offers phenomenal performance and flexibility. Also available is the IBM Storwize® V7000 virtualized array, which can combine block and file-level storage in a single physical machine. With numerous options across several different classes of storage, IBM can meet the storage requirements of any Infor users.

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