IBM and Infor Alliance

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Cross Industry Product Solutions
Our joint product solutions offer clients access to leading innovation, improved agility and performance. Agility can be a daunting challenge without the right solutions. Infor and IBM product solutions help organizations face major challenges in their efforts to become smarter. Siloed information and poorly integrated business systems can make it difficult to act with speed and agility, which hurts competitiveness

Is your organization prepared for escalated client expectations and increased industry complexity? How can your company maximize its technological advantage while meeting the complex demands of clients.

IBM and Infor joint product solutions help companies with:

Joint solutions

IBM knows the challenges of companies and the technology to overcome them. IBM and Infor can help companies regain control of their enterprise, increasing customer service, efficiency and profitability. IBM and Infor product solutions offer competitive total cost of acquisition and proven total cost of ownership. IBM hardware and software offer a broad and highly stable database and middleware foundation to optimize business applications and keep data secure.