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Unlock the true potential of cloud and AI in today’s enterprise, and build a smarter business.

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    Modernize workloads and apps

    Rehost, replatform, refactor or rebuild: solutions to plan it, implement it, and manage it securely

    Agile IT management

    Modernize technologies to increase portability, minimize risk, and simplify integration and management

    Artificial intelligence

    Operationalize AI throughout your business, and build and scale it with trust and transparency

    Data and analytics

    Unlock the value of your data with a business-ready analytics foundation

    Customer experience

    Make data work harder by connecting it to customer platforms to drive speed and insights

    Business operations

    Transform business operations with intelligence, insights and industry expertise

    Supply chain

    Build intelligent supply chains with end-to-end visibility, real-time insights and recommended actions

    Business process automation

    Deliver higher-quality processes at lower cost with less risk


    Drive security into the fabric of your business


    Redefine your most important business relationships through trust, transparency and newfound collaboration

    IT infrastructure

    Conquer your most demanding workloads with IT infrastructure innovations that accelerate your digital transformation

    Industry solutions