On February 8, 2010, IBM announced the new multi-core POWER7 processor technology.  It will be available in 4, 6 or 8 core per socket configurations. The per core performance for this new chip is better than prior generation POWER processors, and requires 100 Processor Value Units (PVUs) per processor core for the Power 750 and Power 755 systems (4 sockets maximum), and 120 PVUs per processor core for the Power 770 and Power 780 systems (8 sockets maximum).

These PVU requirements reflect the scalability available on POWER7 systems.  With their new dynamic workload optimization and unrivaled virtualization capabilities, customers using IBM software on these systems should see significant increases in their software price/performance over the systems they are likely to replace.
PVU licenses required for previous generation IBM POWER multi-core processor technologies remain unchanged.  With this announcement IBM continues the practice of licensing to the processor core. This practice provides the licensing granularity customers require while offering the flexibility to configure their systems to best support their business objectives.

For a complete listing of processor technologies and their assigned PVUs, visit Processor Value Unit Licensing for Distributed Software.