NOTE: Before starting the online enrollment process, you should have:

Completing the Online Enrollment form

1. Choose your country. Some countries are currently ineligible for online enrollment because of the signatures required in that location. If your country is not currently supported you can still print out the enrollment documents to send to your regional IBM office.

2. Choose Enrollment Type

3. If you are enrolling as an Originating Site, you must indicate the type of customer that you are based on your company’s business.

4. Make sure to carefully review the Terms & Conditions contained in the IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement and the International Program License Agreement. By selecting "I Agree"; you are agreeing to the terms of these documents. If you do not agree to the terms of the Passport Advantage Agreement, you cannot continue with the online enrollment process.

5. Primary Contact information is critical, as the designate will be the main contact for contractual questions regarding your Passport Advantage Agreement. On the next screen, you should specify other contacts for the account, which includes the Administrative Contact and the Site Technical Contact

6. The Additional Contacts page allows you to specify other members of your organization that will act as the contact for their responsibilities. Please enter their full contact information by choosing the "Edit Contact Information" link under each Contact heading. You may also choose to "Use the Primary Contact and address" for each of the other contacts, but it is strongly suggested that you specify each contact, otherwise IBM will use the Primary Contact for all inquiries regarding the account.

7. Passport Advantage Resellers may provide you with part and pricing information and discounted pricing. If you already have a Passport Advantage Reseller that you would like to use, you may input their contact information on the Passport Advantage Reseller Contact page. If you need help finding an Authorized Passport Advantage Reseller, you can start your search through by visiting the Business Partner Directory.

8. Please complete the Submitter’s Contact Information in case the IBM Passport Advantage Team has any questions about your online enrollment. If you are the Primary Contact, there is no need to fill out the information for this page.

9. The confirmation page lists your Enrollment Number. Please write it down in case you need to reference it while contacting IBM eCustomer Care. You will receive a Welcome Kit when your enrollment has been processed. If you do not receive a Welcome Kit, contact your regional eCustomer Care team representative.