National, regional and local government agencies and affiliated entities may be eligible for special pricing under the Attachment for Government Option. Relationship SVP Level pricing and other discounting mechanisms and procedures do not apply.

To participate in the Government Option, Client must

  • be a Government agency or affiliate entity
  • select ‘Government’ as ‘Customer type’ when enrolling in Passport Advantage

Use the table below to download Country / Region-specific IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement Attachment for Government Option.

Where a country / region-specific Attachment is not available, you may use one of the non-country / region-specific language-based Attachments.

Country / Region-specific Attachments Non-Country /Region-specific Attachments
Australia (PDF, 107KB) Dutch (PDF, 65KB
Brazil (PDF, 49KB) French (PDF, 109KB)
Canada (English language version (PDF, 107KB) German (PDF, 108KB)
Canada (French language version) (PDF, 65KB) Greek (PDF, 111KB)
Czech Republic(PDF, 188KB) International English (PDF, 106KB)
Denmark (PDF, 65KB) Italian (PDF, 78KB)
Hong Kong (PDF, 107KB) LATAM Spanish (PDF, 7KB)
Israel (PDF, 106KB)
Japan  (PDF, 75KB)
Norway (PDF, 64KB)
Portugal (PDF, 53KB)
Romania (PDF, 154KB)
Spain  (PDF, 7KB)
Sweden (PDF, 7KB)
Turkey (PDF, 108KB)
United Kingdom (PDF, 108KB
United States of America (PDF, 106KB