CEO Product Categories are collections of closely associated products, which together, create an enterprise infrastructure solution.


Offered on a per user basis, CEO Product Categories are subject to specific acquisition rules including a minimum initial user quantity requirement (minimum varies by CEO Product Category).

Customers must acquire their first (primary) CEO Product Category on an enterprise-wide basis and subject to that category's minimum initial user quantity and may then acquire additional (secondary) Product Categories for the same number or less users than the primary category, but subject to each secondary category's minimum initial user quantity.

Pricing includes the usage of all products in the category, with Software Subscription and Support included. Software Subscription and Support ensures that customers always have the most up-to-date eligible versions of IBM distributed software and have software technical support to ensure their success in using the software. Available through IBM Business Partners and IBM Direct Sales.

Please note:

When a component product of an existing CEO Product Category is replaced by another product, all licensed customers of that CEO Product Category who have active Software Subscription and Support may coverage at the time of the replacement are entitled to the replaced component.

Other important terms apply to obtaining CEO Product Categories, including the requirement that the first CEO Product Category obtained for use by a customer must be deployed across the customer's entire Enterprise, AND that it must be obtained for at least the minimum initial user quantity shown. Please refer to the IBM Passport Advantage Agreement or the IBM Passport Advantage Express Agreement, as applicable, for terms concerning CEO Product Categories.

Product Categories

The following table lists each existing Product Category, the software programs included within each category, and a brief description of the solution provided by that category.

Updated: 17 December 2019

Product category Products included in bundle Solution Minimum Initial User Requirement
IBM Db2 Advanced CEO Offering Db2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition

Db2 Workgroup Server Edition

IBM Database Enterprise Developer Edition

Db2 Connect Enterprise Edition

Db2 Connect Personal Edition
Provides a broad range of Db2 data server capabilities, including the Db2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition, Db2 Workgroup Server Edition, and Db2 Connect editions. IBM Db2 Advanced CEO offering addresses the needs of today's businesses by providing a secure and resilient information management system for your company's valuable information assets. 500
IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform CEO Offering
Db2 Advanced Edition

Db2 Big SQL

Db2 Connect

Db2 Event Store

Db2 Warehouse
A complete family of AI empowered solutions that can translate queries across vendors, languages, locations and structures, so enterprise architect leaders can build an optimized foundation for managing and analyzing data. It enables you to collect, manage and provide business insights to data across on-premises, in private and public cloud, or integrated across structured and unstructured data types. 500