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IBM® Connections is designed to simplify and speed team work.
Give your people all the tools they need to innovate and be more productive.

Make work easier

IBM Connections cloud integrated collaboration platform promotes better knowledge-sharing and decisions.

  • Business e-mail
  • Chat and instant messaging
  • Web conferencing
  • Social business networking
  • File sharing
  • Online document editing
  • Archive

Share content, review content in meetings, and collaborate in real time with mobile-ready IBM Connections cloud.

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Be more productive with an enhanced calendar. Check others’ availability. Create editorial and event calendars.

Email calendar

See people bubbles with online status. Get integrated analytic search, file share, meetings and instant messaging.

Verse cell app

Stay updated with a social business dashboard. See people’s online status.

Collaboration messaging

Join and start communities. Keep your activities, files and projects organized.

Collaboration communities

Manage file sharing, access, editing and versions with ease. Sync to devices.

World processing

Power your teams with robust collaboration tools.

Web meetings events

Use audio, chat, Q&A, annotation and polling features.

Audio meetings

Add event capabilities for online sessions, training and webcasts. Manage events with registration, invite, reminder and post-survey tools.

Real time editing
Connections: Metrics
Connections: Real-time alerts focus your attention
Connections: Editor on mobile
Connections: Easier access to critical companion applications
Share Files from Box
More space for small screens and windows
Filter message list by unread messages
Change the width of the message list
Connection Chat: One-to-one video chat support on desktop clients
Connections Docs: IBM Docs enhancements
Docs: New features in Documents and Spreadsheets editors
Connections Meetings: New meeting prompts ensure better privacy control
IBM Verse: Mobile
Connections Mobile: Collaboration on the go
IBM Verse: Android app
IBM Verse: iPhone app