What is the future of work?

The traditional workplace, as we’ve known it, no longer exists. The explosion of collaboration and mobile technologies has fundamentally changed the way we work—and more changes are coming fast. So what does the future hold, and how can business keep up?

To find the answers, IBM turned to a group of #NewWayToWork futurists—trusted, external voices with records of thought leadership and innovation—and brought them together for a full-day Thinkathon. Read their forecasts and strategies in the Futurists Insights ebook series to learn how you can be ready for the future of work.


Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier on the Future of Work Talet

Marsha Collier anticipates a greater focus on work-life balance as companies become more connected through the Internet of Things.


Denise Holt

Denise Holt on the Future of Work Talent

Denise Holt sees workplaces not only experiencing technological acceleration but also developing a greater focus on cultivating human connections.


Joel Comm

Joel Comm on the Future of Work Talent

Joel Comm sees companies benefiting not only from a more altruistic workforce but also from servant leaders.


Warren Whitlock

Warren Whitlock on the Future of Work Talent

Warren Whitlock sees workplaces benefiting not only from technological acceleration but also from more meaningful engagement between collaborators.


Janine Truitt

Janine Truitt on the Future of Work Talent

Janine Truitt sees workplaces not only having less hierarchy and rigid structuring, but a gradual refocus on people.


Jay Khuns

Jay Kuhns on the Future of Work Talent

Jay Kuhns sees workplaces not only using collaboration tools, but developing virtual corporate cultures and a renewed sense of community.