IBM Social Business

I need to drive innovation and grow revenue with tools that improve productivity, enable collaboration and generate data-driven insights.

Improve your bottom line by streamlining processes for knowledge sharing.


Social Business Consulting and Solutions

Strategies, business processes and best practices to drive organizational change.

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See how Lowe's innovates with Social Business software.

Balance operational efficiency with company performance.


Social Collaboration and Digital Experiences

Improve business processes by changing the way your workforce interacts. IBM collaboration software can change the way you identify, engage and create new market opportunities.

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See Boston Children's Hospital's cloud-based application for networking and education.

Make competitive, predictive assessments of market opportunities.


Predictive Business Intelligence

Broad analytics and behavioral science capabilities that turn customer data into valuable insights.

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See how Waterfront Toronto created a portal to gather city-wide data and help citizens make smarter decisions in their daily lives.

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