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Boston Children's Hospital

"OPENPediatrics is an open forum to connect healthcare providers around the world."

Traci Wolbrink, Associate Director of OPENPediatrics and BCH doctor

The business need

The teaching hospital apprenticeship model, which once revolutionized medical education, is now failing to adapt to an increasingly interconnected world. As a result, expert knowledge is bottlenecked within the walls of institutions, creating disparities in access to medical education.

"Expertise in pediatric critical care is rare around the world, yet there’s an incredibly dire need," says Margaret Coughlin, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Boston Children's.

Open Pediatrics

The solution

The collaboration resulted in OPENPediatrics, a cloud-based education application for desktops and notebooks that features advanced social networking. It is the first application for continuing medical education outside of an institution, a paradigm shift that could revolutionize post-graduate medical education.

Social networking tools such as profiles, tagging and communities create a milieu of active knowledge sharing rather than passive learning. One interactive feature lets users comment on lectures and tag their comments anywhere in the video. Other users can see the comments, add to the discussion, respond over time and search the tagged content.

The benefit

The IBM solution helped augment medical knowledge for healthcare workers everywhere, share medical knowledge globally and equips caregivers with the knowledge and skills to care for critically ill children.

  • Augments medical knowledge for healthcare workers everywhere because the application functions in both connected and offline states.
  • Brings together a community of pediatric professionals to share medical knowledge globally, outside the walls of teaching institutions.
  • Equips caregivers with the knowledge and skills to care for critically ill children.
  • Lets hospital administrators efficiently disseminate knowledge to medical students and staff anywhere and at any time.

A single employee turnover can cost a company as much as 30% of that employee's annual salary.

U.S. Department of Labor

About Open Pediatrics

OPENPediatrics, a cloud-based social learning platform, provides academically rigorous post-graduate medical education to clinicians caring for critically ill children around the world. By fusing medical expertise with social technology, the platform promotes knowledge exchange and can revolutionize the medical education.

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