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Loyalty marketing solution for travel from IBM

The challenge

Lead the industry with intelligent loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs are suffering as travel providers have been hit with multiple challenges, including economic pressures and decreasing customer satisfaction. Reward programs that seem the same from company to company and a narrow definition of customers have left a gap in customer relationship management. Under these circumstances, many travel customers only remain loyal to avoid losing status and accumulated rewards, rather than out of a sense of satisfaction. The loyalty marketing solution for travel from IBM can help you fill that gap with an approach that sets you apart from the average.


The solution

Smart interactions based on customer insights

IBM can help you build more interactive customer relationships with an analytics engine that gathers information about customers and their preferences from pre-travel to post-travel systems and services, and data from kiosk, web and mobile check-in applications, and provides this information to back-end systems, agents and staff. By enabling this kind of continuous feedback loop, you can develop a unique view of your customer through equity-based customer insight to enhance the entire traveling experience.

Using business analytic tools, the solution helps you provide a customer value indicator at all points of service. The information is then run through an advanced analytics engine to deliver customized products, pricing, VIP treatment and services. In addition, the solution helps collate the traveler's lifetime equity information so you can facilitate proactive, holistic customer relationship management by shifting from single-trip-level transactions to providing intelligent business services throughout the journey.


The benefits

Reward customer loyalty with incentives that are relevant

By implementing a comprehensive strategy that includes pre-travel, travel and post-travel services, the solution can help your company differentiate itself in an industry known for indistinguishable customer reward programs. The solution can help your company:

  • Use predictive analytics and customer insight to optimize each point of customer interaction.
  • Link intelligent business processes with value fulfillment at all points of service for near real-time journey performance tracking.
  • Integrate suppliers, intermediaries and consumers into a holistic shopping and service environment.
  • Match supply with demand based on more timely and accurate consumer insight generated from information gained throughout the travel life cycle.


The specifics

The tools that help turn customers into advocates

IBM is the right choice to help you integrate customer data and deliver the personalized service that can turn loyal customers into advocates for your business. We offer our extensive expertise in the travel and transportation industry with a broad understanding of global best practices based on work with more than 100 companies. The loyalty marketing solution for travel is based on technologies, capabilities and services that help promote proactive customer relationship management. These include:

  • The multichannel sales and service solution from IBM, which integrates data from disparate systems to create an integrated view of the customer for replication across all channels, which means new enhancements and differentiators are brought to market quickly.
  • IBM® Cognos® software, which provides reporting, analysis, scorecards and dashboards to provide a single view of your customer.
  • IBM SPSS®, software, which uses innovative mathematical and statistical expertise to extract predictive knowledge that can help improve your customer interactions.
  • Extensive data modeling, data management and application development capabilities.
  • Information management, hosting and IT systems services.



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