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Personalized e-commerce solution from IBM

The challenge

Lack of interactive relationships with travelers

Virtually all segments of travel and transportation—airlines, airports, rail and hospitality—are facing economic pressures and declining customer satisfaction. Loyalty programs designed to combat these challenges are plentiful, but companies may lack the ability to differentiate their programs from those of their competitors.


The solution

Predictive analytics and customer insights to optimize customer interaction

The personalized e-commerce solution from IBM is for companies that need to improve market competitiveness. Our solution changes the focus from customer data, based on the individual trip, to near-real-time journey performance tracking. Predictive analytics can help your business achieve proactive customer relationship management by linking intelligent business processes with near-real-time customer data, enabling an enhanced customer experience.


The benefits

Matching of supply with demand with timely and accurate consumer insights

Our personalized e-commerce solution can help travel and transportation companies:

  • Optimize customer interactions through predictive analytics.
  • Provide accurate, timely information by integrating the supply chain into a holistic service environment.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by coordinating supply and demand based on key customer insights.


The specifics

Enhancing customer experience with near-real-time tracking of customer data

This solution uses predictive analytics to help enhance customer experience and service by linking intelligent business processes with value fulfillment at the point of service for near-real-time journey performance tracking. This approach is designed to help your business achieve proactive customer relationship management (CRM) by shifting from single trip-level transactions to providing intelligent business services throughout the journey. We offer a combination of extensive expertise in the travel and transportation industry, broad understanding of global best practices and an array of tools and services to help you deliver the personalized service that can transform your customers into advocates for your business. We make CRM actionable through mechanisms such as:

  • Market of one (single view of customer) analysis
  • Prescriptive business rules management
  • Merchandising services
  • Campaign automation



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