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Smarter Cities solutions for law enforcement

The challenge

Policing—just the tip of the iceberg

Law enforcement agencies face increasing pressure. The traditional "protect and serve" role has grown beyond just policing and now includes responsibilities such as repeat offender reduction, emergency management and terrorism interdiction. When shrinking budgets and hiring challenges are added, the pressures on law enforcement agencies and personnel can make an already stressful environment even more difficult. IBM® Smarter Cities® law enforcement solutions combine data visualization with real-time collaboration and analytics capabilities to allow you to allocate your limited resources more intelligently by acting on insights instead of gathering and processing information.


The solution

Maximize the value of your information

Information is the lifeblood of your agency. Street-level data helps officers respond to calls, solve crimes, and sometimes prevent them from occurring. But what if you could collect valuable data—even from outside your agency—and stitch it together into a cohesive, at-a-glance situational view? What if that data could help you shift from a reactionary mode to a predictive approach to ensuring public safety?

Smarter Cities law enforcement solutions can help you make that leap. Using components designed to work together seamlessly, these solutions unify past and present data—from citations and criminal bookings to field reports and assets to video and social media.

These solutions are more than just a huge database. They allow secure data sharing among officers and partner agencies, which facilitates collaboration across jurisdictions, agencies and community-based organizations.

Most importantly, the Smarter Cities law enforcement solutions provide each piece of sensitive data only to those users specifically authorized to access it. And supplies it to them in real-time, anywhere, including on mobile devices. This can provide timely, lifesaving insight into events and potential criminal activity.

In these solutions, sophisticated analytics engines automatically process every piece of data and can help you detect criminal trends, visualize geographic hot spots, and identify patterns and relationships. This can allow you to make the shift from reactive to proactive law enforcement, ultimately improving the safety of citizens.


The benefits

Better public safety using smart data

Law enforcement agencies worldwide have taken advantage of Smarter Cities law enforcement solutions. Whether protecting a small community or maintaining law and order in a large metropolis, these agencies have gained the intelligent insights they need to help:

  • Improve neighborhood safety by integrating video and audio monitoring with emergency call systems.
  • Reduce homicides by identifying and distributing electronic watch lists.
  • Increase response effectiveness by decreasing data analysis time.
  • Maximize limited resources by automating and integrating case management.
  • Crack crime rings by applying analytics to social network data.


The specifics

Powerful, integrated crime-fighting tools

Smarter Cities law enforcement solutions are based on specialized components that work together and can scale to meet your needs regardless of your agency size. These components include:

  • IBM Intelligent Law Enforcement that offers a single, accurate and up-to-date view of information integrated for multiple sources. It provides secure information access to that data from anywhere-even on mobile devices.
  • Predictive analytics solutions that use data to help your agency detect crime trends, identify geographic hotspots and predict the likelihood of crimes occurring.
  • Comprehensive video analytics solutions that allow you to capture, analyze and search large volumes of video data from inside and outside your agency.
  • Content analytics that enable you to ingest, search and analyze unstructured and structured data from multiple sources.