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Integrated intelligence analysis

The challenge

Evolving threats to public safety

The public safety environment has changed dramatically. While public safety agencies remain the first line of defense, the threats agencies now face are more sophisticated. The perpetrators behind these threats use modern technology, operate across multiple jurisdictions and are skilled at disguising and achieving their nefarious goals. Although agencies can combat these threats with information, today’s information universe has become overwhelming, is widely dispersed and can be almost impossible to piece together.


The solution

Outsmart today’s public safety threats

Because these more sophisticated threats are numerous and mobile, keeping pace requires intelligence. This means you must have access to accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive structured, unstructured, entity, link and property data. Just as important, you must be able to quickly and thoroughly analyze that information and extract actionable intelligence.

Integrated intelligence analysis solutions from IBM can help you do this. Using powerful automated analytics, these intelligence solutions provide the tools to help you identify, uncover, disrupt, deter and prosecute these threats. And the analysis results are available to authorized users when and where they are needed with data modification restricted only to users authorized to edit the results.

While secure and actionable intelligence is crucial to public safety efforts, to be effective the intelligence analysis solutions must also fit within existing organizational and IT infrastructures. The IBM solutions are user friendly and make it easy for staff to access, query and update the data repository. And they help minimize costs and administrative requirements.


The benefits

Intelligence analysis made easy

Approximately 2,500 organizations worldwide have realized that the technology and capabilities found in the integrated intelligence analysis solutions help staff focus on ensuring public safety rather than scouring through data. The solutions do this by automating data exploitation and hypotheses testing, thereby providing staff with the various data elements they need to assemble a cohesive situational view.

Agencies and organizations that take advantage of these solutions will be able to:


The specifics

Automated, integrated analysis

The power of the tools available in these solutions, including the IBM® i2® Intelligence Analysis Platform (PDF, 952KB), the IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook and Analyst’s Notebook Premium (PDF, 1.32MB), becomes clear when you understand the efficiencies gained from an advanced, holistic approach that includes: