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IBM Intelligent Utility Network Solution

The challenge

Transforming information into power

If the U.S. grid alone were just 5% more efficient, it would be like permanently eliminating the fuel and greenhouse gas emissions from 53 million cars. This is one reason why utility companies around the globe are looking for even smarter ways of doing business. To that end, the IBM Intelligent Utility Network Solution transforms the way utility organizations manage and operate transmission and distribution systems—and the way customers can participate in the energy value chain—enabling more intelligence throughout the grid. This can dramatically reduce outages and faults, improve responsiveness, enable utility companies to handle current and future demand, increase efficiency and manage costs.


The solution

Better manage the utility information network

By using an instrumented approach that includes digital sensors, advanced communication networks and sophisticated analytics, the IBM Intelligent Utility Network Solution can help your enterprise understand demand in near real time, more effectively manage supply and demand, and put greater control of energy usage into the hands of your consumers. The network creates an interconnected value chain, linking utility participants at multiple levels from power plant to plug. It then enables the intelligent flow of information, which can be used to transform and optimize regulation, generation, supply and consumption of electricity.


The benefits

Smarter energy for a smarter planet

The IBM Intelligent Utility Network Solution can help your utility:



The specifics

Greater reliability and efficiency

The IBM Intelligent Utility Network Solution guides a utility through every phase of their transformation from strategy development, planning and selection through design, implementation, and ongoing operations. IBM provides utilities with solutions for:




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